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for Number Four Goes to Hogwarts

6/6/2016 c3 Guest
I vote number 4 go to hogwarts. Also for other storys like this try Lorein Legancies-HOGWARTS
5/21/2015 c3 3wittyusernames
1/3/2015 c3 1blue.dawn.awakes
UPDATE PLEASE! This is an awesome story, and I wish it would stay alive
6/14/2013 c2 Sarah
The only issue I have is that the Loriens are protected by a charm that means they have to be killed in numerical order. I liked the idea and think you should have stuck to it.
5/4/2013 c3 3jenn008
Please Update soon!
3/3/2013 c2 3C.B. Weasley
I really like this story! Update soon please!
9/16/2012 c3 Sorry not an active account
Awese story idea! You have good spelling and grammar and your plot has tonnes of potential. I love this cross over genre. Please continue. If you need to know where you go next an idea could be to have six travel to Hogwarts to help four protect harry? As for pairings I still support the John/6pairing.

Pretty please with a cherry on top continue! On a side note, have you read the Rise if Nine? I can't believe I have to wait that whole year for a new story!

Percabeth Lorien
8/29/2012 c2 hit the lights
i think john should definatly be with hermione but make draco malfoy in love wth her o hekies her while mione and john are dating which breaks them up. they should get back together eventually though
8/9/2012 c3 6RinzlerIsTron123
Yo u should totally updat the #4 Harry potter story
7/4/2012 c3 1Reyna Potter
Great story, hope you update soon !
12/15/2011 c3 3Savannah Roux
Good story! Please update soon!

Keep up the good work,

Sav xx
12/13/2011 c2 Depresnjak
continue please, its so cool, I like this fanfic
9/28/2011 c2 24Piece Bot
I want number four to be with number six
7/26/2011 c2 7vivific
Please update! Im going to write a I amnumber four Harry potter crossover and I need to read some of the ones pthers make. So far there's only four. And one of them is slash. :(
6/22/2011 c2 6Ilysia11
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