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5/3 c46 Granny Wolf
you had me worried a few chapters ago but you saved the day with a HEA at the very end, well written and a great read, thanks for sharing...HUGS!
4/7 c43 5hooked on tv
So up until chapter40 I was really enjoying this story. It was a good length and very well written. Unfortunately for me this ending kills the entire story. It went from a sure fire add to my favorites to something I am very upset I lost the two days reading.
3/27 c42 The Dark Spider
I am just going to stop reading now this is so disappointing. We read this type of twilight fanfictions for their supernatural qualities and you just removed it. This story officially sicks after the whole sacrificing for their humanity thing. Your other stories were good. I am just disappointed in the ending of this one
3/20 c1 Keyra Davis
i have read this a dozen times and still love it!
3/19 c4 Crystalena
Hilarious, no matter how many times I read this!
3/2 c8 psychotic-olaf
Crimes Against Humanity is an awesome card game and if played right, funny as fuck too.
2/26 c1 thmasm666az
this should be the next twilight movie
2/12 c46 2Sandria99
i really loved this story and the epilogue was amazing. :D
1/8 c46 Guest
That was one of the most epic stories I’ve ever read! Congrats on all your talent, doll! I also loved Life Happens, so Roll With It. You truly are amazingly talented!
11/25/2020 c46 1LisaLunaLovegood
Crying like a baby. Thank you
11/21/2020 c13 Rose May1
I think it would be very funny if Cauis, Aro, and Marcus went into hooters
11/20/2020 c46 WritingMiss8
Okay after I read the decision that Bella had to make I stopped reading. I am so sad and furious at the ending. I am depressed now. I miss the comradeship that all the characters had just for their memory to be wiped. At least I have your other story's ro enjoy like Just Roll With It.
11/20/2020 c41 WritingMiss8
Fuck that is not fair! I'm here sobbing so hard right now.
11/20/2020 c30 WritingMiss8
This chapter made me cry. Wow. Bella is a brige of peace between them. Major chills.
11/20/2020 c29 WritingMiss8
My heart is breaking for Tia and Benjamin. When you first mentioned they were on Carlisle's side I was appalled because they were my favorite in Twilight
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