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for You'll Find What You're Looking For At Walmart

4/14/2018 c46 5Bell 1
This was a perfect ending. You are a pro with the happy endings. Thank you so much for writing this excellent story of adventure, romance, drama, intrigue, and most of all, laughter and fun! :D

I maintain you are an excellent writer, who should write an original fiction and publish it. You are deserving and talented enough to do so. Thank you for your friendship throughout these years, and for just being you. :D
4/14/2018 c45 Bell 1
YAY! They have finally met and even connected! WOOHOO! :D
4/14/2018 c44 Bell 1
Well, the first third of this chapter was very nice, but these last few paragraphs only reminded me of my solitude life... so, it made me sad. Other than that, I'm happy for everyone else, but sad for Bella right now.
4/14/2018 c43 Bell 1
Awww... another amazing chapter. The overindulging Uncle Arlo, spoiling kids now and building his own version of Super Walmarts. Hilarious!

Aunt Molly, such a sweet point-of-view. :D
4/14/2018 c42 Bell 1
Awww... that's sweet. Didyme and Charlie's history. Charlie & Sue adopting three in addition to their own children. Cauis remaining overprotective of Bella, in addition to the overprotective father. She'll be lucky if she ever finds a man to date/love. LOL

But... the hilarious kicker is the "brothers" making Bella a highly obsessive Potterhead. LOL
4/14/2018 c41 Bell 1
Yep, those wet streaks on my face are tears. I'm not sure if I should hunt you down for them, or hug you senseless to comfort me for creating them in the first place. :P

My heart is breaking for Peter and for Charlie. Well, truth be told, for Bella too.
4/14/2018 c40 Bell 1
I knew you had something up your sleeve. :)

You weave a complex tale, but it is such a wonderful journey! :D
4/14/2018 c39 Bell 1
Well, that stinks! However, I'm sure you have something perculating in the ne chapters.

WOW! A spirit child of Didyme and not Renee's blood.

LOL Bunny slippers and Pajamas! LOL
4/14/2018 c38 Bell 1
Excellent timing, Peter! So long, Alice!

What is happening to Bella though?

On with the "show"... :D
4/14/2018 c36 Bell 1
So, I finally reread the first 35 chapters and got to this, the first newest chapter. :)

Well, that stinks... Go get them Bella and Heidi. Can't wait to see what Aunt Molly will be when she is done baking. ;)

Carlisle's interrogation ought to be quite interesting.

Final note: I am so happy you found your muse again and were able to finish this story (thanks to time and life also). I waited until it was completed because I knew rereading the preceding chapters would take me some time.

Bless you, my dear, for all you have had to deal with in the years since this story posted, such as rude, inconsiderate thieves who stole your hard work and claimed it as their own, or posted it on their own sites purely in the hope of getting the praise you deserve directed toward themselves - which is solely your right as the hard working creative mind behind such a fun and entertaining story with so much emotion and laughter. :) I will defend you at every turn, until people actually learn plagiarism is not only theft, but it is illegal. Your stories show how hard you worked and what a great imagination you have... although, no matter how entertaining your boys are, I believe they are truly just a chip off their mama's block. :)

Thank you for entertaining us. Thank you for being you. :D
4/14/2018 c46 neese2707
Wow! Excellent piece of writing. I really enjoyed the changes to Carlisle, Edward And Alice. You certainly have an original mind to put so much into this story.
4/8/2018 c23 it's simply me n you
Who knew? Maria can be a nice person. I love the reactions that all the “old time” vamps have upon experiencing Walmart.
4/6/2018 c16 it's simply me n you
Charlie is great!
I haven’t reviewed much, but I want to thank you for all the laughs. This story is funny but also it’s been fun to read how all these different characters are becoming one big happy family.
4/6/2018 c31 9CarpeDiemMay
I'll bring a few lighters to get the fire started. I'm also happy to bring marshmallows and chocolate if someone can bring the graham crackers.
I'd offer to bring the booze but I think the vampires brought plenty
4/2/2018 c46 AshleyStewart09
This was absolutely amazing, I laughed, cried and smiled. Thank you for writing this it is definitely one of my all time favorites.
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