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3/15/2018 c46 59GeezerWench
OH, good story, hon.

So glad Peter and Bella got back together.

Totally not fair that Bella was born to suffer. Ye gods.
3/15/2018 c46 Guest
That was worth the wait. Thank you so much
3/15/2018 c4 IBleedForYourLove
also I THINK it's Mon Cherie not sure so don't get mad please
3/15/2018 c4 IBleedForYourLove
if it any consolation, I would fuck a guy with a French accent over Jasper. Omg Jasper with a French accent... I'm a just leave while I still have time to try not to combust
3/15/2018 c46 theoneandonlysue
I absolutely love this story! The last few chapters were a twist, but everything worked out in the end. Thank you for finishing it, we know RL comes first, and appreciate that you came back and finished the story!
3/14/2018 c46 Babysis64
this was an awesome story, I got right into this story of Bella and Peter. Glad that Bella was strong through out everything that she had to go through, like when Carlisle and Edward tried to get her and fake so much of her life was unreal, then all the supernatural turned human is awesome as well. They all ended up having the second chance in life. Thank you so much for sharing this good story with us.
3/14/2018 c46 Valeria Vex
This was a great story. Thank you for finishing it, and with such a good HEA. I love your writing mama4dukes, keep on keeping on. PH
3/14/2018 c45 Babysis64
wow this was a good and interesting chapter, glad that Peter and Bella finally met each other. Also that Peter has his human last name, considering he really didn't remember it when he was a vampire. I'm glad that all the people got a second chance in life all of them that was at war. Awesome I think.
3/14/2018 c46 Guest
You finished it and it was wonderful. I'm going to go back and start at the beginning again. X
3/14/2018 c46 Guest
This was an excellent story. Well done make more like it, but perhaps Bella/Jasper this time.
3/14/2018 c44 Babysis64
Yes this was a good chapter as well. Glad that Bella is helping family out with the Hotel in the states. Glad that Aro and his wife helped Bella and sent her away and she got her MBA. I wish Bella the best and I do hope she gets her happiness as well like her family and friends.
3/14/2018 c46 bamagal110
I am so glad Bella got Peter back in the end. I love the ending how they all got a fresh start..
3/14/2018 c1 writingncoffee
I gotta tell you, you had me sobbing leading up the spirits giving everyone back their humanity. this story was so wonderfully wrapped up. thank you so much for giving me my absolute favorite piece of fan fiction I have ever read.
3/13/2018 c43 Babysis64
this was a good chapter as well. Like I said different and just very interesting. I really do hope that everything works out and what not right.
3/13/2018 c42 Babysis64
wow everyone is human, what happened to Peter considering they were engaged did he make a trade with Bella to stay up with his parents I wonder. Thank you for the awesome update. I'm glad that Carlisle got what he deserved right. Different to read this that they are all human again but still interesting thank you for sharing this chapter with us, and have a good rest of the week.
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