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3/12/2018 c42 1catgrl
Oh wow so they are all human again.. Carlisle’s is in the nut house. Caius is still very protective over Bella...
3/12/2018 c46 Lori01
So glad your back! Intetesting twist on this story!
3/12/2018 c46 misia88
Beautiful ending! I was fighting the tears in my eyes.
3/12/2018 c46 3beckylovestwilight
Love the whole thing in fact I loved it that much I am going to read it again xx
3/12/2018 c46 Ashmerlin
Loved it! Such a great story.


3/12/2018 c46 1neecy4life
Yay luv it ty for such a wonderful story truly well written can't wait to see how the story intensity plays out
3/12/2018 c46 3maddianforever9
This was so amazing, you deserve an oscar. I am so glad I came across this amazing story. I hope you continue writing and maybe start your own book, I'll be the first to buy it
3/12/2018 c46 7Fandomsareawesome
I loved the ending of this story and I am glad i got to read it
3/12/2018 c46 7Amelia Skittles
I’m not gross sobbing...I’m not... there, it’s just oh fine I’m gross sobbing this is beautiful finally I’m so glad I kept my account just to read the ending of this thank you thank you thank you
3/12/2018 c46 10black.pingy
Thank you for this story. I really loved it.
3/12/2018 c46 1harlequin320
nice story, keep up the good work
3/12/2018 c46 7Sassy Mami
Thanks for the amazing story!
3/11/2018 c43 10GaijinVamp
Just boys being boys. Everyone now has a happy childhood. Wish I could go back and replace mine too.
3/11/2018 c44 GaijinVamp
Poor Bella. Where is her soul mate? Glad to be brought up to date. Everyone has got their other half. Where's Peter?
She still doesn't accept how lovely she is... What's going to convince her?
Great chapter. Thank you.
3/11/2018 c45 GaijinVamp
Ahhh... finally. It's cute how they kept running into each other. Great chapter.
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