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9/23/2017 c7 Nargelz
Ur so obsessed with Walmart I’m only 7 chapters in and uv probualy metianed or went there over 100 times lol
9/22/2017 c5 Nargelz
Oh okay you mean Leah lol
9/22/2017 c4 Nargelz
Bella has a sister?
9/22/2017 c4 Nargelz
Why is I daddy and not just dad. Daddy makes her sound like a little kid
9/22/2017 c41 1catgrl
Hope everyone gets to have there happy ever afters.. Cant wait for to come and to find out what happens next...
9/22/2017 c40 catgrl
Wow so almost everyone was going up to the sprit world and wondering what was going on with Bella.. I hope she is able to go back and be with Peter and all her family and friends. Carlisle does not to get what is coming to him...
9/22/2017 c41 2Angel JJK
Great. Hope Peter and Bella get their happy ever after soon. Til next time
9/20/2017 c41 Guest
I'm crying here, slow large streaks down my face tears. I need the next chapter, pronto so I can stop crying...
9/20/2017 c41 Guest
I have loved your story since the beginning, but the last couple of chapters I have been a little bummed about. I get there is suppose to be a happy ending, but why is Bella made to suffer over and over again? Why is it mated couples get to stay together but not her and Peter? What about all the bonds,love, life that was created between her and the other characters? That is what makes her who she is, who any of them are.
9/22/2017 c1 Nargelz
Okay dont matter lol
9/22/2017 c1 Nargelz
Is it peter from twilight or peter from teen wolf?
9/22/2017 c41 1JaspersSweetie
I've loved this story up until the last few chapters. Making everyone human again, changing their memories... not cool. Our past experiences make us who we are as people, so by taking all that away from them, the spirits are changing who everyone is at their core, essentially turning them into different people. All the life lessons their experiences taught them will be gone, all the sacrifices they made to become who they are will have been for nothing.

They've done the spirits work for them, and instead of getting a thank you or being rewarded, their free will is being stolen away and their lives are being decided for them by someone else. A lot of them loved being supernatural beings, and to lose that at the whim of another is just sad for them.

I understand it's your story, and you have the right to do what you wish, but I've never seen you advocate the loss of free will before in your stories, and it saddens me to see it now. You are a phenomenal writer, and I've gotten a lot of enjoyment from reading your stories, but I'm not sure I can even continue reading this one. Regardless, I wish you the best. Take care.
9/20/2017 c41 Layla
I can't wait for the next chapter.
9/20/2017 c41 Guest
Part of me wishes that they retained their vampirism to kill the elders after this...
9/19/2017 c41 Guest
it better not be!
- why is it that the powers that be always have to mess around with the life of those walking the earth, for their own pleassure?!
- I do not like that!
... Make it up to bella and peter... like now!... Please?
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