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9/19/2017 c41 7Sassy Mami
I'm sorry but I don't like this. Why did she have to sacrifice so much and she wasn't even upset. I would have thrown the biggest tantrum ever. I guess HEA is relative. They won't have any knowledge of everything they had to do to be together, the ups and down that makes them who they are. All the mated couples get to stay together with altered memories but together, but not her and Peter! That's fucked up. Now they have too meet again and start from scratch. *walks away grumbling*
9/19/2017 c41 Vivian Junior
Pulling out my guns, rop and knives. Just in case.
9/19/2017 c41 Princess butterfly 22
I do believe in HEA. I do believe in HEA. I do believe in HEA. But please, don't keep us waiting too long!

Seriously, I've been loving this fic for so long, that it's sad to think it's drawing to a close. I am hoping you are able to complete all your unfinished work, and gift us with more of your frivolity. The world needs more laughter.
9/19/2017 c41 sassgrl
thanks for the update. loved it. are you still working on intensityBellaPaulstory ? would love to read an update on that.
9/19/2017 c41 1sabrina michaels
forgot to log in before I reviewed..so here goes again..I promise not to scream or brood..just please don;t make us wait to long for HEA...
9/19/2017 c41 Freoborn1980
Thank you thank you for the update looking forward to the next one
9/19/2017 c41 13littlemichiru
Oh this was a brief chapter. It was nice but I still don't see why anyone would Want to be human. The only good thing is children and that probably they will all enter the spirit world.
Now I wonder if peter will end up meeting Bella and fall all over again in love with her or if they will meet after death. And what about all the bonds these people created with one another? How can new lives be created that will include all these bonds?
The Harry Potter reference was really funny.
9/19/2017 c41 31pegasus5406
I wasn't for sure...I mean I know you usually have happy ever afters, but you never know for sure...lol. Great update hon. I loved it as always and am looking forward to the next...thanks, huggs. Peggy
9/19/2017 c41 10GaijinVamp
These spirits take an awful lot on themselves controlling life on earth as they do. Perhaps if Bella goes back to earth, she and Peter will meet as humans. At least if she doesn't she'll have her father and people who love her around her.

Waiting for that Happily Ever After you promised.
9/19/2017 c41 Guest
Why did you make Peter forget bella and their love?
9/19/2017 c41 tamwhit
Poor Bella and Peter

Thanks for the update
Love this chapter
9/19/2017 c41 11XxFanFicObsessedxX
9/19/2017 c41 2Siobhan Whitlock
My heart is breaking! Oh, what an emotional chapter!

I am absolutely in love with this story! I dont think I tell you that enough LOL :)
9/19/2017 c41 princessgraciesmummy
Love it but poor Bella and peter is this the end of the story
9/19/2017 c41 andrewpine
Unless you will fix that they will end up together this is flat out bullshit.
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