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3/6/2011 c1 2jenni80
Oh a new story and with Peter who I just love so much. You really can find anything at Wal-mart. I should know I found a live mouse there but that is not as good as finding the hotness that is Peter. Love the part with Vicki, Riley, and Bree and can't wait for them to show up. And of course, there will be a run-in with the Cullens. Looking forward to the next chapter. I know I will love it.
3/6/2011 c1 Wine and Cheesy
This is wicked fun! Laughed all the way through. Such a creative thing to have Peter speaking to his gift...so very clever. You have such great material to work with and I cannot wait to see how things play out! :)
3/6/2011 c1 twimama77
Pretty cool
3/6/2011 c1 MissingDublin
I can't believe you put Charlotte with Edward! Wouldn't his delicate sensibilities be offended by all of her scars? Plus she wasn't a virgin. I'm excited about this story. I love when Bella & Peter get together.
3/6/2011 c1 QueenElsaSalvatore
i like it so far
3/6/2011 c1 2IzzyBFFAddict92
I LOVE THIS! Keep going! I can't wait to see what Vicky does to Petey when she sees that Bella is now a vamp too!

I love your stories! As always you did a wonderful job!

Love Ya~Izzy
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