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for You'll Find What You're Looking For At Walmart

8/18/2017 c38 tamwhit
Wow awesome chapter
Can't wait to read more
8/18/2017 c38 6sweetsouthernsongbird
Dang this is a crazy messed up story. Lol the Volturi and their Walmart obsession is funny AF. Can't wait to see how it all ends.
8/15/2017 c38 Wendy1969
Wendy1969:NOOO, Please,please give us at least a little sneak peek so we can release the arm rests of my chair. Daughter mine and me are happy you are doing so well with this one.

I certainly hope Bella comes around (wakes up).
8/16/2017 c38 1catgrl
Wow chapters 37&38 were really good.. I'm glad all the enslaved women got rescued and will be going home. Uh oh what is happening to Bella I hope she will be ok...
Can't wait for the next update...
8/16/2017 c38 bellapom
Thanks for the new chapter
8/16/2017 c38 19patrysia181
I've been reading this story ever since it was started and I can't believe how much in love I am with it! This story pretty much has everything that you would ever need. Love, drama, hilarity, action. I genuinely fell in love with this story from the very beginning! It's like /the/ best Peter/Bella story I have ever read and I can't wait to see what else you can write!

Not to mention you made the growing of the characters very believable unlike most stories and I just love that about you and your stories~

Keep up the good work! And I hope the next chapter is as good as this one if not better!
8/15/2017 c38 2Angel JJK
Go Aunt Molly. Wonder why Bella's out cold. Look forward to more.
8/14/2017 c38 2Siobhan Whitlock
What an amazing chapter!
8/12/2017 c38 Guest
This is so good, than i had to reread the entire story again. Great chapter.
8/13/2017 c38 1neecy4life
Yay ty for updating I truly luv your stories
8/13/2017 c38 AshleyStewart09
Man this is good... I look forward to more.
8/13/2017 c38 arienna89
Love the update can't believe you left it here though
8/13/2017 c38 The Original Miss Darling
amazing story. I can't wait for what's to come next.
8/12/2017 c38 kouga's older woman
Oh no! I hope she is alright!
8/12/2017 c38 NicoleR85
Another great chapter. I can't wait to read more. Please update soon.
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