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4/16/2020 c11 38Lovely Black Butterfly
Def Leppard on a Trans -am Most definitely!
4/7/2020 c45 chloe1011997
Yeahhhhhhh this fic was bloody brilliant right up untill the end, then it was positively shit. Honestly fantastic writer, great character development, funny as all hell and unique plotline. The ending tho just did not do it for me, I dont like all human endings I dont see the point personally. I wouldnt read twilight based stuff if I wanted them all to be human. Anyway that's just my opinion and dont be to sound like to much of a dick, other than that great work and much love!
4/5/2020 c46 Guest
Great story made me laugh and cry xxx
4/7/2020 c22 chloe1011997
I think Peter needs to fuck the fuck off in this chapter. Seriously grow the hell up Peter your how old!? Obviously bella cant help that's shes got allure as a gift, although granted, I dont think she should have used it without training as it's so powerful. Ultimately tho I was getting major controlling dick vibes from him in this chap. Aside from that another great chapter!
4/6/2020 c16 chloe1011997
Awww (sniffle, sniffle) bless charlie heart. He surely will protect his ever growing brood.
3/28/2020 c4 Guest
Bro I am enjoying this shit! I am loving this! This chapter was funny
3/28/2020 c3 Guest
Man! I am lovin’ this shit! This is ta stories tat I love
3/4/2020 c1 tammgrogan
Hello, I need some help/ information, I went to Wal-Mart looking for a vampire. Male or female eather or is cool. But I REALLY need a vampire to change me into one, so I can go live in a van. Thank you in Advance.
3/1/2020 c46 LadyViolet2112
Great story! Love the ending. At first, I wanted to cry... Well, I did cry. Thank you for sharing ️
2/28/2020 c6 nessiesmith2012
I call bs rose going along with being threatened. I like a good bashing but dont make one party pure saintly and the other tainted demons. To black n white and again BS on rose going along with it because she was threatened!
2/17/2020 c46 Simonne Cave Joseph
This story is absolutely amazing, I will never get tired of reading it
1/21/2020 c46 Alixa Cullen
Wow te felicito adoro tu historia la empecé a leer hace mucho pero como no habías actualizado en ese tiempo deje de leer. Hace una semana reencontré tu historia y me encantó... Gracias...
1/21/2020 c46 Elisabeth123
Brilliant! My second reading and could read it all over again ... Wonderful!
1/16/2020 c46 2Wicked Lovely 17
loved it! :D
1/14/2020 c46 flanduslover1
I couldn't get enough of this story from start to finish amazing and its my first Bella peter story well them alone without jasper ..love love it
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