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7/22/2019 c38 14ObsidianDraconis
Who would have thought it would be Alice to redeem herself in the end? She really was mainly a victim. Too bad she didn’t learn she was wrong earlier, they might have helped her. Idk what happened to Bella, but I know she’s going to be ok
7/22/2019 c37 ObsidianDraconis
Oh I don’t think we’ll have to worry too much about Aunt Molly, but I think Stephan is in for a rude fucking awakening. Bahahahahaha
7/22/2019 c36 ObsidianDraconis
Oh man! Taha Aki has watched them both for the longest! Let’s hope Bella’s little plan doesn’t backfire. This shit is almost done.
7/22/2019 c35 ObsidianDraconis
Idk what Alice is up to but hopefully she can’t do too much damage given the number of vamps and wolves on the rez and the fact her visions aren’t working. And good riddance to Edward fucking Cullen
7/22/2019 c34 ObsidianDraconis
I guess the question is, how much of a victim is Alice truly? We’ve seen it before. Serial killer husband and wife pairs and the wife is abused and hurt and forced to help the husband lure in the victims. But the issue is, they’re usually so brainwashed by the time they’re caught that they’re far too dangerous to be allowed to remain free in society. So they have the Egyptians, soon they’ll have Edward and Alice. Will Carlisle and Joham be next? Or will they figure out something is up? Seems this hole thing is finally come to a head.
7/22/2019 c33 ObsidianDraconis
I thought Josh might. He did say he was in love with her after all
7/22/2019 c32 ObsidianDraconis
Ok, so my theory was wrong but I was right that Amun had an ulterior motive. Lol. Alice? Get revenge? Boy she is delusional. I’m gonna have fun watching her die.
7/22/2019 c31 ObsidianDraconis
Their journeys were all very enlightening and I’m beginning to think I know why he let Benjamin and Tia go...they know that Bella will grow attached to them. I think they’re counting on Benjamin and Tia being the weak links because they’re incapable of doing anything for themselves and when the time comes, they can capture them and use them to force Bella’s hand. I mean, it’s just a theory of course. I want someone to kill Renée and that’s saying a lot. Perhaps it can be Charlie. I also suspect we’re going to be seeing Rachel Black soon too. Her brother is a wolf, her sister and dad are vamps, with the magic changing, she’ll probably phase too. I just hope Embry and Sam can forgive Joshua. Sounds like he isn’t the same asshole from before.
7/22/2019 c30 ObsidianDraconis
Didyme brought tears to my eyes. At least the others will have closure on her part, and know that she is happy. Interesting twist with the wolves.
7/22/2019 c29 ObsidianDraconis
I’m hoping Jasper is right because I have a bad feeling that Amun May have plans for Benjamin that he and Tia are unaware of. They can’t be spies because they really did want to escape but that doesn’t mean they weren’t sent off for nefarious purposes. We can trust them, but not Amun. I can’t wait to see wtf is going on in La Push because the older people phasing? Emily would also be over the age since it’s been nearly a decade since Bella was with Edward.
7/22/2019 c28 ObsidianDraconis
I see this creating a problem. When those guys don’t come back, someone will come looking. They got lucky this time, lucky that no one knew they were there and used the tunnel and alerted everyone of their presence. But at least they have all of that info. Now what will they do with the others? I find it interesting Benjamin wanted Tia to go with him. And that there was hesitancy when asked. Does that mean that Benjamin and Tia aren’t as on side as Amun thinks?
7/22/2019 c27 ObsidianDraconis
Ohmylanta. Billy and Hermosa. And Jake puking and I about died laughing!
7/22/2019 c26 ObsidianDraconis
Man, Carlisle and his little band of assholes have done a lot of damage over the years. I can’t wait for them all to die
7/21/2019 c25 ObsidianDraconis
Why are they taking so many native women from that area? They could be hiding this by taking women world wide but they’ve concentrated on that area super hard. Why? Is there something special about those women, or was it just because they hate the guardians, or just because they’re disgusting assholes? Emily was a given, though it is weird she didn’t phase the first time around. Maybe it’s just the larger concentration Of vamps that did it? They’re going to have more than four wolves if they don’t put some distance between themselves and the tribe though. I hope Emily and Sam’s little girl is really just sick though, because it’s been made to see that she’s younger than even Brady and Collin when they phased? And they were thirteen.
7/21/2019 c24 ObsidianDraconis
Well shit. I was hoping their little sojourn wouldn’t create more wolves but I shoulda known better. Alpha Quil needs to do his job. Lol. Carlisle is sick, they’re all sick. Now we know what happened to those women from the 30’s they’re in Egypt. Not sweet Benjamin. I hope he ends up being a good guy because he was just too damn sweet to be evil.
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