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3/19/2012 c7 6Deactivated2014Heartbreak
Welll...I didn't read this for a while. For one...Because I was scared...Yeah, yeah. I know being scared of reading this is kinda stupid. But yeah...So anyway..:)

This was heart clenching sad, Doll. I mean it, I could've cried by how sad I was by my favorite person in BTR leaving...:(

But it was fabulous. And I was in love with every bitter moment of it. :)

Cannot wait for more. :)
3/18/2012 c7 8Musicdude212
this was really good. and it was beyond sad...like heart killing sad. im excited to read more though
2/29/2012 c7 21Anonymous Skrtle
YOU'RE MOVING? Why no tell me? :( But seriously, man, I'll miss you so much... :(

But this chapter... I like the title. It kinda fits everything, ya know? You're a clever man. ;)

And Kendall left... oh no, Carlos! You gotta get him back! AAAH! :)

I'll miss you SO much, kid. Really. I might even go cry now...
1/16/2012 c6 Fallenangelqueen

6/29/2011 c6 6Deactivated2014Heartbreak
Its really good, you did a good job Love :D

Can't wait for more :)
6/29/2011 c6 6cookielover101

The wait for this chapter was SO worth it!

Poor Kenny! He feels so bad that he has to leave and everyone is so worried and they wanna help him but they can't because he can't tell them because Angel said not to and it's just so sad that I wanna cry!

I feel so happy for Logan and Camille. THEY'RE IN LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! And James+Ari= AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW so cute!

I can't believe that Carlos turned down the Jennifers! But yes, he can SO much better than them. I have an idea THALIA!

And all the boys wrote songs! So adorable! Onl the boys of BTR would do that and choose such sweet songs! =)

Gasp! Gustavo was being nice? *faints* but yeah i understand. He's feeling sympathetic towards the boys, especially Kendall. But he wasnt sickeningly nice. (another reason why I love you, you make the characters reliastic) so yeah!

AAAAwwww! Carlitos was doing gymnastics! and then he was crying! POOR GUY!

And PART WITH THE SONGS KILLED ME *DIES* THAT. WAS. SO. SWEET. Likie really is is dead. I can so picture them singing with so much emotion and AHHHHHH so sweet. Like really..

I wanna say that this is my favorite chapter because I can. But... I can't. Because I cannot just choose one and ick which one I lov the most. I love them all euqally!

I am quite pleased with chapter *nods head* so THNAK YOU FOR UPDATING! See you later!

6/29/2011 c6 6UnderworldChick-n-VMKPirate
Bad James...calling Ari little...how stupid are you? And, YAY! EVERYONE'S HOOKING UP!...except me...but that can be fixed with a clone! YAY!

Great job, as always %]
6/10/2011 c5 6Deactivated2014Heartbreak
That was really good Love, Good job :)

Can't wait for more :)
6/2/2011 c5 21Mizfit-Punker
Okay, woow...This is probably the only story with OCs that I like...And it takes a LOT for me to like an OC story...You, my good sir, are a WIN.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! The fans that were outside with signs! AWWW! That's so sweet! And it's true! BTR has the most devoted fanbase I've ever seen!

LOL. Carlos dreaming about monkeys eating pancakes! Once I had a dream that I was being chased by a retarded vampire...It was the scariest dream I've ever had...Haha, I love how Carlos isn't freaking out at all that he and Kendall switched hair colors!

AWWWWW! OF COURSE PEOPLE CARE, CARLOS! That line where he said that he didn't think so many people cared was GOLD!

OMG OMG OMG. "Carlos…" The way Kendall said his name almost made him give in. THAT LINE.

Okay, now I feel really bad for Carlos...He has to lie to his mother AND his 'brothers.' OMG. Can't wait for the next update!
5/30/2011 c5 2bluerose921
wow this is a crazy story so far but good crazy not bad but no one is really going to die right your not really going to kill kendall are you?
5/29/2011 c5 6cookielover101
Sowwy! I think one time I accidentally pressed the wrong button on my profile; forbidding PM's. But I made it better

When I realized it!

Anyways... YES! You make me so INSANELY happy when you update; like you don't even know dude. And this chapter? Epic. Like epically epic. The whole time in my head I was like 'Woot woot!'

But that was so cool with the whole hair thing, (Carlos with blonde highlights would look so insanely cute). But the fact that they kinda-ish mereged was like fantastic!

I feel so bad for Carlos though! He felt horrible for lying to his family; but he had no choice! Oh Carlos! I totally sympathize for you. And him having to deal with nightmares and DYING for 24 hours AND being in a creepy abyss with an even creepier lady and not being able to tell; poor boy.

But this chapter in one word: AMAZING. I espcially liked the Carlos love! I would so do that too! I would even scale the building for the guy! And the moment between him and what's her face (can't remember the name) was so sweet and I adored it; along with everything else in this chapter. ( Including the A/N)

Ok my long rant about my love for this chapter is over. So update soon! Love ya! (In a non-pedophile way)

Lots o love! -cookielover101 A.K.A ILOVECARLOS
5/29/2011 c5 21Anonymous Skrtle
Who gave up his or her life for Carlos? Please update soon! Love this story!
5/29/2011 c5 6UnderworldChick-n-VMKPirate

*giggles* I hyper on a frapp :D
5/28/2011 c4 21Anonymous Skrtle
Yay! Carlos is better! Can't wait for the flashback in the next chapter, and whatever else the next chapter will have! Please plese update soon!
4/30/2011 c4 6CappuccinoBelleMare13
I feel sorta loved... Good chapppy!
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