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4/8/2013 c11 2Watcher in the dark
The fluff, it burns.
1/7/2013 c3 41Cottonmouth25
Cottonmouth25: this has 2 be teh funniest chapter yet lol
Cottonmouth25: good job so far and hope u start riting again soon

Cottonmouth25 appears to be offline.

Seriously though, good job. This made me laugh real hard, and I hope you get off of this hiatus soon and start writing again.
11/23/2011 c15 InTheLight-Hija
Oh, poor Dume... this is more painful for him than being put to sleep in a sphere! D: This really makes us more aware of how evil Teridax truly is. Great job!
9/9/2011 c14 InTheLight-Hija
Whoa, Matau can sing and play guitar? Can someone say 'awesome'? I had never really thought of him being a singer actually. It's nice to give him some spotlight once in awhile. :)
7/21/2011 c12 nikki

4/23/2011 c1 Random Reader
*squints and tilts head to the left* ...Yep, I see it. XD
4/13/2011 c13 InTheLight-Hija
Yay, and update! There seems to be a lot of Dume in these last few shots, and I just love reading about him and the younger Toa. Lhikan was so cute! Oh heck, everyone loves a little Lhikan! XD great job!
4/13/2011 c13 5Flarezap
You got the stuff about fire and oxygen right! You see fire needs oxygen to breath, thats how most people die in fires, the fire doesn't get them, the lack of air does...
4/12/2011 c12 Flarezap
oh good i can so imagine this
4/5/2011 c12 InTheLight-Hija
Bwahaha! I don't know why, but I can TOTALLY see this happening. And I loved the part with Lhikan 'liking' Naho more than a fellow Toa sister XD Woot! I'm not the only one :D

Good luck with the next Metru Uni chapter, btw. I look forward to that :D
3/31/2011 c11 InTheLight-Hija
Awww geez! They are too sweet together! Hewkii is so funny XD keep it up!
3/31/2011 c11 V Fan 217
These guys need more recognition.
3/30/2011 c10 InTheLight-Hija
I never realized how much Dume could be liked. Probably cause the only time you ever see him in the movies is when he's actually Makuta, but still, I like how he takes in Nidhiki like that and defends him against his parents. Great job!
3/29/2011 c9 InTheLight-Hija
Ah Nidhiki. There aren't all that many stories solely about him. I think it's a good attempt at angst, and explains a bit of his past that might have encouraged him to go bad later on in his life. Great job, and I can't wait for more!
3/29/2011 c9 V Fan 217
He got kicked out? Ouch...
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