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8/21/2016 c22 30Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky
8/20/2016 c3 Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky
I laughed my ass off.
5/12/2015 c21 Guest
I really wish that Rukia and Inoue could have kept their dolls. I grew quite attached to the dolls myself, Raiden especially.
4/5/2014 c22 jcampbellohten
"Oh, alright, you can get me pregnant." Haha wtf?

Decent job letting the characters tell where everyone is in life without the dialogue sounding forced
4/5/2014 c21 jcampbellohten
Woahhh there, you just jumped completely from "they're closer to each other now than they were before the project and occasionally do small stuff unconsciously that shows how close they are," making it more pronounced at a good, steady pace, straight to "'You stopped the rain,' they make very intimate gestures, 'I promise to give you a child someday'" and referencing the "Black Sun/White Moon" concept as if it's already been established, which to my knowledge never was except in your other stories.
9/19/2012 c22 12GuessWho25
I wonderful story. I was a good thing I got to enjoy it before I headed back to reality that is college life.
6/11/2012 c22 coolprettyangel2006
i loved the whole story, but the ending was the perfect conclusion.
5/5/2012 c12 Fluffy The Terrible
yamamoto is so evil
5/5/2012 c10 Fluffy The Terrible

Ichigo is so screwed
3/17/2012 c22 4Umayar
This was interesting. Thank you for another wonderful story.

Looking forward to more from you!

All the best!
3/11/2012 c22 276Satan Abraham
Oh gosh, Tatsuki's pregnant? xD

Ahem, I loved this. It was frikking amazing. :)
3/6/2012 c20 Satan Abraham
Awww, so cute. :)

I love this chapter.
3/2/2012 c19 Satan Abraham
This one always makes me smile. :)
3/1/2012 c22 Eilyn
! I can't believe it is over :( I love this story so much... I hope you have something incoming already to replace it. I need my dose you know.
2/27/2012 c22 ThunderClaw03
great ending keep up the great work in all your fanfictions.
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