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4/11/2009 c3 kirby
I know this is a few years late but wheres the next part and whens it coming out?/
7/16/2005 c1 5Perri Lightfoot
Hey hey, just a review from me! :) Personally, since this fic is finished, and has been since 2003, why don't you post the other chapters? It would give all us loyal fans of the "Arctic Vaporeon generation" writing of yours something "new" to read, to tide us over until you finally do write something new, which I truely hope is sooner rather than later ^_^'' Though I know that's sadly wishful thinking, in all likelyhood (for example - you haven't even played pokemon beyond Crystal. You need to. Before I go to Oklahoma and force a gameboy into your hands ;) ). As for the fic itself, I realize I never really did review, just a short little spit written way way back in I shall now :)

A very special story to me, despite its flaws. In fact, I've never told you how important to me it was. You wrote this for me when I was a freshman in high school. I printed out a copy of the first chapter when you posted it for me to read, and read it during class. And read it again...and again...that folded up hunk of paper went EVERYWHERE with me. I took it out to read in gym class. I read it during study hall. Damn, I think I must have read that damn thing about ten times a day. I still have that original printout, actually, tattered beyond belief from being folded over and over again and crushed in my pocket, the text along the folds practially unreadable, somewhere piled in with hundreds of other papers I've kept for sentimental reasons. I waited for an update, I schedualed my special library visits for internet time for your projected update dates, only to be disapointed time and again. When you finally updated, it was standarized testing day. I knew bringing a foreign paper in to read would be againt the rules, but so desperate was I to see what my Katie was up to now in the world you made for her that I smuggled it in anyway, and read it when no one was looking. Along with my battered printout of the first chapter, this one was added to my pocket, taken out, and read during slow periods during 2002. That's how much your gesture meant to me.

Although I now realize that this story isn't perfect - my Katie is so out of character I wouldn't know her if I ran into her on the street - I still love it anyway, the way one loves movies they know are gawd-awful, but can't help liking and treasuring, and it's something I will treasure till the day I die. Dear Jon - goofy Jon, who sure knows a lot about guns for someone who claims to live a life of peace, who doesn't hesitate to kill human beings to save a morph who is, when she's in character, barely human - and when he's a hunter of pokemon, at that! - who hits on a fourteen year old pikachu morph and lets his world revolve around seeing her again - he's far from the greatest literary character, but one who you can't help but feel a goofy sort of affection for him. I wouldn't hesitate to say that the glorious Jonathan Boltz (I love the punny last name you picked for him, consitering what sort of creatures he apprently has the hots for) is a nutball, but a loveable nutball, who could only come from the mind of someone who knows how to make characters, who may seem like a bundle of weirdness and contridictions, into something that can have a fanbase. And you apprently have that gift - even I can't fully hate Jack, the tiger man in your original centaur based story, who bares more than a little resemblence to Jon (no life to speak of, non-humans as a love interest, etc.). And Kate...horribly, terribly, out of character, one would think that this whole story would have turned into a train wreck, when, in fact - it strangely works. I'm not happy that Kate is magically bipedal, thinks like an ordinary teenager when her mind is more like a pokemon mixed with a (highly intelligent) six year old, knows how to use appliences without having ever seen them or even understanding the concept of appliences, and can write in perfectly legible, well thought sentences (when in "reality" her handwriting is horrendous and her sentences minced and very badly put together) - but suprisingly, I was able to live with it. Despite becoming a more typical pokemorph, she still had her charm, and I picked up on that and relished it as a freshman, just as I do now. I'd love to see another Kate story from you, one with her more in character, though I know that probably won't happen (even with bribary, which I'm willing to stoop to ;) ), since you love to taunt me so by NEVER UPDATING ON YOUR FICS ANYMORE *weeps* and always change the subject if I dare bring in a character in an RP, when I RP with you, that isn't myself (which pisses me off to no end, not that that bothers you, apprently ^_^;; ). Anyway, I realize that this is long enough already (I blew 45 minutes typing all this, lol), though I really hope you'll consiter the point I brought up in the first part of this review - POSTING THE REST OF THE STORY, since it's already written. It would make us fans of your pokemorph fics very happy, you know :)

- All for now,

Pink Parka Girl
3/16/2005 c3 22entilza
This story is great! PLZ don't stop writing!
6/19/2003 c3 lacy
it was like so cool please write more chapters
12/5/2002 c3 37Kenny's Goddess
Murrr...! More of the Kate story! YAY! ^^ I liked this. ^^

Awesome part! Keep writing, dude!

12/3/2002 c3 13Morbane
His own brother! Aaak! So you're raising the stakes... very good.
12/3/2002 c2 Morbane
Aw, damn! Now what's going to happen to Jon?
12/3/2002 c1 Morbane
Fantastic! I definitely like these people. Although I'm personally against Farfetch'd shooting.
12/1/2002 c3 Andrew
11/27/2002 c3 Matt.C
This is a good story.It is very detailed and exciting!
9/15/2002 c2 37Kenny's Goddess
Hey, it's me...KG, but now I changed my name fully. Bwahahahaha...

Anyway, I read this a while ago (my sister printed it out) but I never reviewed it or anything...but I felt inclined to do so now.

::pokes:: Nidoqueen. :P

This is great, though! I really like it...I like how you gave Kate a friend and all that. Very well written...and cute! ^_^

Keep it up!

7/30/2002 c2 Andy A.C
Pro: Good job! The charactors are devoloping quite good

Con:Reletively short chapter
7/30/2002 c1 Andy A.C
Hmm... Nice introduction with the charactors. A find this a very interestring story
3/28/2002 c1 Pink Parka Girl
Yay! ^_^ I love this fic! It's so pretty,and well written, and this, and that...eeee! Thank you SO much! :-P Hurry up with Part Two! :-)
3/25/2002 c1 I'm leaving
^.^ That WAS very good! lol, I like Jon =)

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