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for Wearing Curlers

11/5/2012 c1 16damons-hot-as-hell
kinda funny
8/27/2011 c1 3ftvjbhgkbhjgby
So cute! And I couldn't stop laughing! The ending was the funniest. :)
3/14/2011 c1 8oO0 neko518 0Oo
WOW! How cute :) I love this line from yuuri ... "Do your brothers know you primp your hair? ...CONRAD!" haha! That's just like me telling my mom how my siblings are not doing their homework. :)

nice :)

~Neko518 :)
3/11/2011 c1 22Amed
Hi there!

hehehe...I have to say, this is nice and realy funny! And it's totaly posible! I completly pictore Wolfram doing that (and, yeah he can be a kinda drama queen some times...hehehe, it's some how lovely).

But you know what weard? Two nights ago I have the same thouth of Cheri-sama curling her haur! hahahaha! Things that goes trough one's minds, ne?

Nice drabbel, I realy like it!


P.S.: Do not give up and fight any adversity. Because it does not matter that a million voices tells you "no", as long as there is one that shout you "yes".

P.S2.: English is not my native language, so I apologize for any errors that I may have.
3/11/2011 c1 11holickixkstar
Yeah... a really pretty drama-queen..*chuckles* I love this piece, it made me laughed.
3/10/2011 c1 1rjifblue
hahahahahaha...that's all i can say...hahahhahahah

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