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for Northern Winds

6/10/2012 c1 1lilithaofsherwood
7/24/2011 c1 Cat-Tuong
Great job, didn't expect Esca to top, but it was good =) Keep it up ^_^
5/13/2011 c1 Guest
this was so gorgeous! have you considered posting it on

http:/ninth-eagle.livejournal.com/ ?
4/8/2011 c1 This Account Be Inactive
i liked this, it was the kind of scene i could have imagined happening in the movie. i hope you write more for this fandom :D
3/23/2011 c1 BlackBolt
i like this so much - could you please write more of them ? *begging* and perhaps longer ? *puppydogeyes* please ? ;) there are much too few storys about those two :/

*hugsdeeply*, bye, Blackie ^^..
3/21/2011 c1 177LaylaBinx
Amazing, once again. Your writing style is incredible! :D
3/14/2011 c1 30ForzaDelDestino
Oh my, oh my!

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