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12/4 c19 1Random.Builder4654
dang good story and I love how it ended.
11/6 c15 8Minion of Set
That part about the former swordsman of the mist is inspired. Reminds me of the mad king in ASOIAF, how he chained the brother. Really gets across how twisted Madara is.
11/5 c6 Minion of Set
That line about Itachi being the well adjusted one amongst the ANBU made me laugh out loud.
11/4 c1 Minion of Set
Man, it's been that long? I'm coming back to this as I prepare to return to writing a Naruto fanfiction of my own. Because this is the closest to advice on the Uciha that I can get, from what I remember.
5/24 c19 f5
A notably well-written version of an important AU question that rescues the Uchiha from Danzo's schemes and everyone's terrible canon planning. It shares a modern feminist tone with the well-received TEAM 8 by S'TarKan. Although the Hyuga, as in that story, are a better canon fit for "insufferable patriarchal oppressor clan" (I wouldn't put anything past the dudes who came up with caged-bird seal…), it's entirely believable that the oft militant Uchiha would display similar behaviors. Mikoto is an appealing heroine who displays a range of maternal impulses and gets to show hints of a varied adult social life inside the clan and out. I am a bit surprised she lives in the end. I probably would have killed her off in the final confrontation – to stress the parallel with Kushina and to force the comparison of her sacrifice with canon Itachi's – but the decision to keep her alive is reasonable and the double Mangekyo attack split between her and Itachi that overcomes Madara is rather satisfying. (I am confused about Madara though: was ObitoTobiMadara's agent not yet known at the time of this story's writing? Or am I misremembering how the Nine-Tails attack and Kiri puppet state went down?). The story benefits from having a defined ending that keeps its length and subplots disciplined, a rarity in fanfiction generally and for Naruto fanfiction especially. Among the best works in this fandom.
5/23 c13 f5
I can't exactly agree Naruto seems "REALLY straight". At some point, the singleminded pursuit of a particular woman who has rejected you a million times starts to look less like a crush and more like a cover story. Add on the fact he displays no interest in any of the girls he's responsible for saving over the course of the series, and that he somehow manages to ignore the girl that jumps into mortal peril to declare her love and sacrifice herself for a minuscule chance of saving him before everyone dies … well, I guess more than anything it looks like bad writing lol. It's not a coincidence that canon's most convincing relationships (Kurenai/Asuma, Temari/Shikamaru) are almost entirely offscreen. He's definitely "supposed to be" straight though.
5/23 c10 f5
Since only a man would think a woman would write like your A/N, I conclude this is misdirection and you really are one!

On a more serious note, the beginning of the Mikoto/Itachi conversation feels a bit off. I don't think they need the "You can go against Father? Aren't you a simple devoted wife?" debate because the pair have a long and recently re-affirmed conspiracy together to protect Sasuke from getting Itachi's inhuman training schedule. It's also better to avoid the "before you were born I was a jonin!" moments because they compromise one of the strongest bits of the chapter, where Mikoto corrects Itachi's assumption that she's seen the secret shrine like all the other three-tomoe Uchiha jonin he knows. Otherwise Mikoto's "you are a very smart 13 year old but…" approach to Itachi's crazy revelations has the right tone. Neither is probably sufficiently skeptical of the other's story but letting them be easily convinced is an effective way of showing how badly both come into the conversation wanting its outcome (Mikoto to oppose the coup, Itachi not to be alone).
5/22 c8 f5
In the ending monologue, Mikoto overlooks the most obvious motive for Hiruzen's supposed anti-Uchiha conspiracy: his wife's apparent death at the hands of a red-eyed man. This can be read as a consequence of her chafing at her unfulfilling marriage and clan role – *her* husband seems to give her little regard, why should Biwa's be so different that he'd destroy an entire clan for her? It is also amusing that the Uchiha don't realize the importance of Hashirama's relics because the biological samples the Mizukage could have bargained for are (somehow, lol Kishimoto) among the strongest anti-sharingan tools in universe. This chapter does a good job of letting Mikoto be smart but plausibly imperfect.
5/22 c6 f5
Mikoto is probably too strong. She's ten years out of service but has no trouble with two dozen shadow clones and manages to pull a genjutsu over Kakashi (albeit not using his sharingan). In my head she ought to have been sort of like Kurenai in her prime? A reputable jonin with some skill, but not an ANBU elite. This is thematics: the story wants to stress that her development as a ninja had been held back by the barriers of clan and gender expectation, and also that political intrigue and a mother's attentiveness can be just as effective weapons as Itachi's once in a generation powers. The more remarkable her military talents are, the less effective these thematic elements become for the story.
5/22 c1 f5
The idea of taking Kishimoto's latter day pro-Uchiha revisionism ("Itachi was a good guy all along!", "Mikoto and Kushina were friends!", etc) seriously from the start is a very strong AU premise. A self-assured beginning.
5/9 c10 Rennis11
3/3 c10 sonofzeus201
ofmg assbabies imm crying
8/25/2021 c1 Vivaan
A brilliant first chapter, and Naruto is just so so adorable.
7/20/2021 c19 Sakurasmile
Best story ever. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you for creating it.
7/18/2021 c1 Username6166
It took 6 years for Mikoto to have a random spontaneous thought of no longer considering Naruto to be a demon despite already knowing that Kushina was the previous jinchuuriki?
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