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for Slytherin Vs Gryffindor OH THE HUMMANITY!

4/28/2012 c2 34Alitote
HI! i think you know who this is Nitrea!

a) Is her friends Lyssa and Emy based on who i think they are?

b) update, now that ive read the first 2 this story will be stuck in my head for awhile

c) update because i told you to!

and most importantly:

d) be sure to read my upcoming hp fanfic now that ive read yours

(see how i used my friendly greeting and questioning as a plug? eh? eh? :D :p :) seriously though, please update.)
8/10/2011 c2 13Mokuren no Ken
thx 4 this chap! can't wait for the next one!
7/13/2011 c1 Mokuren no Ken
wait, just clarifying... draco is now a girl? aside from that, i like this. please, continue.

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