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2/13/2018 c1 12SammiLoves2Write
This was good!
5/18/2012 c1 2Madilyn the Introvert
I really like your Rachel-centric oneshots. She's honestly my favorite character, her and Puck, and it seems like people would give them both so much crap, Rachel especially. I never really liked watching the show much because they treated her so badly and it reminded me of aspects of my life.

But anyway, your Rachel-centric oneshots are great. I imagine that if she were the kind to actually show her true feelings(and I mean the stuff she hid deep inside of her) this is exactly what she'd say.

And I say that each and everyone of the Glee members(save for a few) deserve to have karma beat them. Or at least, it would if they weren't characters in a TV show.
5/17/2012 c1 1MihoshiCryBaby
this story is so sad!

but so good!

i hope u continue with the story!
6/20/2011 c1 xXAeroxLightsXx
That was sooo awesome! Please continue! :D
4/18/2011 c1 JCag75
yikes! Awesome and so true. I mean, I differ on the point about Puck and Mash up because HE wasn't the one imagining someone else's face while making out but that's a minor quibble. What's worse is that majority of the fandom treats Quinn the same as the series does. She was pregnant and suffered therefore she must have been SO CHANGED by the baby (that she had no intention of keeping and doesn't even bother considering calling her Beth when Shelby asked what her name was) and is a Saint. Although, I confess to feeling sorry for Quinn during that piano scene and legit cheered when she yelled at Rachel. I think all non Finchel supporters cheered though so I'm not alone in that.
3/12/2011 c1 12BriyerRose
Sad but you wrote nothing that was not the truth or did not happen! I personally do not like Quinn coz she is like a wolf in sheeps clothing!
3/12/2011 c1 LastToFirst
I'm very upset that you're just leaving it there, because you did such a great job and I would love to know how you would have ended it
3/12/2011 c1 29MysticalKC
Loved It! :D

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