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3/8/2012 c1 10This Star Won't Go Out
it's hard to believe you are the only one to do this kind of crossover sadie would make an awesome spy keep up the awesome work
2/24/2012 c10 percabethforeva
this is a cool plot. sadie fits right in, she is my girl. please give me more
1/15/2012 c9 3DesperateStudent
Have romance between one of the blackthorn boys and sadie
12/31/2011 c9 5Tyger Elf
Loved the chapter but I would have thought that Sadie would've stayed because she's been around magic more often and more recently that Rachel and Abby.
10/25/2011 c7 8viper marie Cahill
yay a update, when I saw this I starteddancing and my dad was watching me looking like he was about to say what the f*ck. LOL
10/22/2011 c7 13ArtemisRide
Great. Please update soon.
9/8/2011 c6 kgirl
K I could do the same old same old, cheerful "Nice story, keep it up!" and and that is what usually happens with my reveiws, and I mean them, but, why do your stories always need updating at chapter 6? I mean, just wondering, but like all of them are needing updating and are on chappy 6...

Anyway "...(full of cheerful Keep Goings!)..."

Keep it up!

8/19/2011 c6 Bandgeek2015
8/18/2011 c5 8viper marie Cahill
please update soon.
8/6/2011 c5 5teenbooks4eva
A random person I probally don't know
8/1/2011 c5 Bandgeek2015
6/26/2011 c4 zenapower3 to lazy to login
that is a good chapter and ur really talented writer

update soon
6/22/2011 c4 Bandgeek2015
6/19/2011 c4 10Ansa88
i'd like short chapters and short waits please, but whatever suits you better!

anywho, DANG. uh oh...desjardins is after y'all...oh dear. i can't wait for more! LOL sadie WOULD say that she was right even after cammie has been going to galaher for 3 years.
6/12/2011 c3 sae
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