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10/14/2013 c4 1EliteShadow
yoruichi i vote for
i also vote for the hot female girl from the bad guys team as a sharkgirl maybe?
i forget her name sorry

as well as maybe nel in her hot form as maybe a cowgirl? with some good fighting attacks
10/12/2013 c2 EliteShadow
nice chapter please do update soon
4/12/2013 c4 4animecollecter

3/6/2013 c4 4Kmon13
Hey I figured you would be more open to making your character's harem you alrady have a Firecat I'm figuring Nabiki would be a Cheshire and this unnamed catgirl... well that's up to you but you have a three fighters maybe a flyer or a magic using pokegirl like a witch or elf would help...

other than that I'll add this to my favorites...
3/15/2012 c4 7TarnItUp
Nice story, not bad. You write a better lemon than I, at any rate :)

I think you should do whatever you like, honestly, but I think in general, the consensus is Yoruichi. I say go for it, so long as you agree ^-^ And the idea for an all feline harem, I'd have to say no. The two of something else is a good idea. Just my humble opinion!
6/4/2011 c4 1Greenicedragon1789
not bad of a start


Suggestions for the Catgirl/Mistoffeles/Nekomata


All feline harem

5/8/2011 c4 El Imperatore
I vote for:

Yoruichi :-) + no for all feline
5/7/2011 c3 4Andonexus KotD
I. Vote yes to all feline harem. As for the next one, i was thinking of someone like rukia
5/2/2011 c2 TheFlameHaze
the catgirl captured in this chapter should be yoruichi...
3/16/2011 c2 1cooking samurai
Nice story and the only person I now who can be a Nekomata is Yoruichi or maybe Elina from Queens Blade.Also I vote no on a all feline harem.

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