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7/8/2020 c13 Seriii
I think how you approach the topic is really great! Keep it up:)
7/8/2020 c12 Seriii
i really like this one! I love the idea of cloud n tifa officially adopt denzel n the idea of denzel being a big bro sound cute!
7/8/2020 c10 Seriii
i was reading some of your newer stories and then tried to look for more of your works and im glad i did ! :D
I especially like how you portray the characters here! :D heheehe
Keep it up!
1/26/2020 c17 38Sunny Lighter
I can agree this is the case with proposals. When my sister's boyfriend proposed to her, she couldn't even say anything, just gaped before jumping on him to kiss him. It was really sweet. And now I'm picturing Cloud and Tifa in their position.
3/12/2014 c26 7Louie001
I love that you thought of a floor plan! I was recently thinking of making one too. I'm sure if I made one it wouldn't be the right one.

I can't remember reading this, so sorry I must have missed it.
So cute! Cloud that is, not being sick :(
I like all the homey things you added. The washing machine, the tv. I do wonder where they would gather, like a family room. It's up to us fans now I guess.

Thankyou. I enjoyed it :)
10/15/2013 c26 dracosfairmaiden
These are really nice drabbles.

I admit, I didn't really ship Cloti romantically until recently. I always saw them as friends or having a brother sister type relationship. But then I realized they would make a great couple because they have challenges like any other couple. Denzel and Marlene are so cute. The four of them really do make a great family.

Great job!
9/21/2013 c24 Guest
Tifa thought Cloud was dead, he in turn also thought she had died. There was no pining after Cloud for 7 years.
6/24/2013 c26 40FullMentalPanic
Really good moment where Cloud freezes after realizing he doesn't have his sword harness and isn't sure how to tackle the situation without it. I like how his mind immediately jumps to the worst case scenario for whatever may be happening to Marlene and then we have the rather anti-climatic reveal that it's just chicken pox (which can still be serious in some cases). I really enjoy how you contrast this fairly common family trial with all the world saving drama and deadly diseases this group usually faces. Very good details with how hyperaware and tense Cloud gets during her illness because he wants to fight against what's hurting her but he doesn't really know how to help. So his nerves just keep winding tighter and tighter as he looks for something he can attack. I got worried about Cloud catching chicken pox as soon as it was revealed that was what was affecting Marlene. My dad caught the chicken pox in his 30s and it really knocked him down for awhile. Good point about his SOLDIER enhancements probably warding off regular illnesses though. Maybe public restroom laws are different in Japan, or maybe that's just how they ensure that no one can stay in the bar long enough to become too horrendously drunk.
6/24/2013 c26 Rumah
My favorite part of the stories you write is the dialogue. You capture the essence of the characters very well. I read all of the chapters in this in one sitting. Loved it! Your Genesis was awesome. And I like the idea of the no body thing for the life stream. Totally bitchin'. Top notch stuff if I may say so. And I'd so fanboy over cloud too. Because cool hair.
6/18/2013 c26 7Satsuki Bun
Heheh I have my own floor plan in my mind too. Anyway, I like the fact that you made Cloud wonder whether he COULD catch chickenpox or not. Good to see you updating! :)
6/12/2013 c26 47th Scale
You're so not overthinking these living quarters :P

Long time no see!
This would have some sooner, but I really didn't know what to say.

Poor Cloud... but hey, at least it turns out he actually has fatherly instincts :)

And chickenpox is literally called "water goats" in Bosnian... which is weird...

See ya,
7th Scale
6/10/2013 c26 3findthetiger129
It would largely depend on how the culture works I guess. I would think bathrooms would be rather important in a bar though.

Poor Cloud. First one kid and then the other. And it's only been a few weeks since the Stigma too. Denzel can't seem to catch a break either.
2/23/2013 c4 1SootyThunder
strangely i can relate perfectly with cloud in this, not that i grew up without a father but when i was still in elementary school for some reason i went to a school that was in another town rather than an elementary school down the road. Because of this I never was able to have the social interaction with the people in my school because they all lived close by to each other, while on the other hand i knew nothing about the people who lived around my home because i did not go to the same school as them. And when you are alone like that you being to make up weird ideas that justify being alone such as your differenate or your better then them, or more mature and doing the things they do were beneath you
1/18/2013 c25 140Filigranka
I love all the Cloud&Tifa-centric ones; they're realistic in terms of showing them struggle with life and normality, and yet, there're full of warm and hope, even if it's sometimes bitter, difficult kind of not giving up. Nice, nice, nice. : - )
11/4/2012 c24 7Louie001
whoa this is really complex! I had no idea. So do you choose the way Cloud will respond? even that seems tricky to navigate now that you have laid out what it might mean. So if I make Cloud 'like' Aeris it's in tifa's favour? (coming from one who hasn't played the game all the way through hehe! one day!)
I hope I don't make my Cloud like Aerith more...
and do you really get points?
Great piece. You do alot of work on these.
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