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for A Certain Pair of Goggles

9/16/2020 c3 alexquinal2002
12/11/2019 c3 momoksmoke
please make the next chapter
3/5/2019 c3 14WwEpsilonwW
Mad props for this story dude: awesome job.
3/5/2017 c3 Chen
It seems that touma has realized that he is with mikoto at this point... They are treating each other normally...Hoping for the next chapter...
8/11/2016 c3 CesarBorgia
haushuash I loved
1/30/2015 c3 Shiranui Gin
Please continue the story
8/16/2014 c3 NoobInArmour
Awesome story, not really a big fan of all the ToumaXMisaka fanfics and whatnots but this one was seriously nice, couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire thing.
5/5/2014 c3 10JohnPeacekeeper
This... THIS is just too mucb fun to read. I could barely contain myself from laughing. This is really too good.

The first chapter already sold it. But when Komoe came in (though without Index?), even though I saw it coming a million miles away, I completely lost it. Mond you I was reading this in public on my phone. So I blame you for the stares.

Ahh how Mikoto's act gets all jumbled as things escalates, and it really seems like she's unconsciously dropping the masquerade little by little. Well, that's what makes her cute

Looking forward to more
8/17/2013 c3 18Shinnypichu88
update please!

its been years!
2/21/2013 c3 RoXas Obivion Oathkeeper
So funny I almost died laughing.
I want to read next chapter please update soon
11/15/2012 c3 2bekronthegreat
oh man you're good! i couldn't stop laughing! please tell me you're gonna update this story soon...
7/27/2012 c3 11Namikaze Nara
it's a good story.
It's make me laugh so hard XD.
So, please tell me when you update this ok?
1/8/2012 c3 4delax
This amused me. Seeing the super-powered women surrounding Touma chase him around is funny to me. I only wish that there was more Misaka Imouto. (In general, not just in your fic)

I will look forward to more!
8/30/2011 c3 sangkun
When's the new update?
8/10/2011 c3 Jenn
This is really good. But are you saying he really hasn't figure out that he's with Mikoto. He should know that the Sisters can't spark electricity the way she can. That's why they have those electrical guns they carry around with them.

Touma way too observant to not notice that.
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