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for My Immortal

7/9 c5 Mike
there are no words to describe how i feel after reading this
7/6 c1 smay20
I'm not reading this for the sake of my grammar-checking brain cells, though I may have accidentally read some of it and cringed hard.
7/6 c14 Guest
Never delete this
7/6 c2 Guest
Magnificent grammar.
7/5 c6 56Bellatrix grindelwald
Slurs shouldn't be used
7/5 c13 Guest
Heart attack!
7/3 c3 Guest
I got cancer just from reading this
7/3 c1 Manwe Iluvatarian
Oh, my poor brain cells.
7/2 c14 Guest
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. Your not real you piece of shit
7/1 c13 Guest
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh im suffering why why why?,my head is going to explode
6/29 c14 Pearl
All hail the Bark Lord.
6/29 c6 Guest
this is a masterpiece!
6/28 c10 Guest
6/27 c2 78Thefemalearrow
I'm reading this with my friend who loves Harry Potter
6/26 c5 Guest
This is amazing Jesus Christ
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