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9/15 c3 Guest
the part i hate most is that her name starts as Ebony but trails off into Enoby, Eboby, and other stupid renditions also tara if you happen to some how read this i need to ask...WHAT THE HELL DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING YOU MOTHERFUCKER!
9/15 c2 Guest
Internet Historian brought me here
9/14 c3 Ebony Dark'ness
Really good. 10/10 would recommend
9/8 c2 Guest
9/8 c10 Guest
The blatant fetishizing of bi and gay men is honestly revolting. Aside from that this was one of the most entertaining dumpster fire I’ve ever experienced, on par with Starkit’s prophecy.
9/6 c6 1Gridline
OMG this is hilarious XD.
And depressing.
"Abra kedavra" He said at Sirius and Loopin pointing his womb.
What the fuck.
9/5 c2 Childofwinter
Love this. Art is not dead.
9/3 c1 Guest
i am so scared for Tara Gilesbie. i mean, she has to walk around knowing that she made the WORST fanfic in hogwart history; hell, in ALL of history. this is actually so bad that i can’t read it.
9/2 c1 ihateharrypooper
i hate hary poter this is wurst fan fiction i ever red
9/1 c14 salandit230
me neither
9/1 c13 salandit230
abra kedabra
9/1 c11 salandit230
it gets worse
8/29 c2 Turtlet
8/28 c1 RedBird1892
The author of this fanfict has transcended above humanity
8/28 c1 Guest
This is so fucking awful it is fucking funny
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