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for Warriors of the Force II: Destiny Revealed

6/13/2011 c14 1Nightmareknights
the ending was so funny making wendu clean the mess that was caused by Michael, Zack, Barris, and Ashoka anyways can't wait for the third edition till then Ja Ne
6/2/2011 c14 20General Maraxus
Foof Fight! Poor Windu :) A great conclusion, but the part that most intrigues me is what Sidious said to Dooku. Very interesting. Great story and I look forward to the next
6/1/2011 c14 5patattack
nice ending. the food fight and having Windu clean it up was funny. I think the best part of Micheal's 'talk' with Anakin was him saying that he'd tell Padme about Ahsoka not being allowed to take the trials.

Reminded me of a part in a movie called 'Bon Cop Bad Cop' where there's a man, his ex-wife and their daughter and the guy says to his daughter "Just go upstairs, I'll talk to your mom, and she'll tell me what we've decided."

anyway, nice story and looking forward to what comes next.
6/1/2011 c13 2Wolf2
By the way, just posted the prolouge of my story so look up Star Wars the clone wars: zombieland's assassins. please tell what you think. plus you have to look it up on search.
5/30/2011 c13 3WildDev13
this is a great story just like the first one (Star Wars the Clone Wars: Warriors of the Force) i like both of the stories, i hop u can make another sequel for the story. plz update
5/30/2011 c13 5patattack
Well done. Liked the part about using the Malevolence's ion cannon. I thought that Micheal fighting bare hand against Grievous was kind of stupid (given that his body is metal; i.e: hard to hurt with fists and feet). But whatever, still quite nice.
5/30/2011 c13 5Alpha545
Nice, I liked the fight with Grievous, it again shows how treacherous the guy is.

Please keep this up and update soon!
5/30/2011 c13 20General Maraxus
I for one agree with 'Z' Asajj is hot. Well that was action packed and then some. For the record I am saying that Michael needs help. A chokehold? Fighting Grievous hand to hand? If Michael didnt have the Force he would be a smear on the wall by now. Anyway, great chapter and I look forward to the next one
5/28/2011 c12 2Wolf2
Awesome with the malevolence.

So when is the next chapter.

By the way what will the name of the next star wars the clone wars and alien vs predator crossover.

PS this is wolf I just started my account and the sad news is I have to wait till may 29 at 10:58 pst(pacific standard time) in order to post my story.
5/27/2011 c12 20General Maraxus
Hot dog! The Malevolance was awesome. Can't wait to see how they are going to stop the always impressive General Grievous
5/27/2011 c12 5patattack
Nice chapter. Looking forward to the action. Two Malevolences? The saparatist base must be freaking huge, seeing as how big the first ship was. Either that or they're making these ones smaller.
5/27/2011 c12 5Alpha545
Zach, leader of the Wampas, god that was epic, thanks for another very fine chapter, and please update soon!
5/14/2011 c11 1Nightmareknights
I think I know what this weapon is, if I remeber currectly the Jedi are screwed if it's ready oh and that was funny when Michael told Anakin that he heared him and Padme keep up the great work
5/12/2011 c11 5patattack
Nice chapter. Good humor at the beginning (a little 'daring', but still funny). And I wonder about what the weapon might be. Looking forward to what comes next.
5/12/2011 c11 20General Maraxus
This weapon must be good if Dooku is using his best military leader to guard it. I look forward to hopefully seeing Grievous and Michael go at it.
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