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for Warriors of the Force II: Destiny Revealed

4/9/2011 c7 20General Maraxus
Clap clap. Another fine piece. I didnt know the Jedi Order allowed pets ;)
4/9/2011 c7 5Alpha545
nice, I like that, they have pets now, lol, anyway, nicely done and truly a pleasure to read, keep up the good work!
4/9/2011 c7 1Nightmareknights
Hah now they have pets, the jedi temple will never be the same again great chapter
4/8/2011 c6 Onny Nonny
Great chapter... i loved the talk between Ahsoka and Zach and the talk between Ahsoka and Michael. Keep up the good work! Update soon! :)
4/6/2011 c6 Nightmareknights
another chapter comes and goes great job
4/6/2011 c6 5patattack
Good chapter. The end scene/discussion between Micheal and Ahsoka was cute. And the fighting was well done too.
4/6/2011 c6 5Alpha545
nice, keep it up, you're doing a great job converting the episodes to your story, thanks!
4/6/2011 c6 20General Maraxus
Another fine spectacle. The prison escape, that failed. I must admit having Michael and Zach with them might turn the odds in their favour with more Jedi on their side, guess not. Anyway I look forward to seeing their escape attempt, again.
4/3/2011 c5 5patattack
I really liked this chapter. Especially the part where Anakin told Michael he knew about him and Ahsoka, and revealing the relation between himself and Padme. Keep it up, mun!
4/3/2011 c5 Onny Nonny
Wow! I really loved the chapter especially the tension between Ahsoka and Michael! And Zach's rock sounds like an amazing friend! Haha good job and update soon!
4/3/2011 c5 1Nightmareknights
this is getting really good
4/3/2011 c5 20General Maraxus
A friend out of a rock... LOL my goodness oh that is rich. Some trouble between Ahsoka and Michael hmmm most interesting. I look forward to the next installment
4/3/2011 c5 5Alpha545
still blown away, keep it up!
4/1/2011 c4 1Nightmareknights
another great chapter
4/1/2011 c4 5Alpha545
nice, keep on going, looking forward to the next chapter!
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