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2/6 c9 13EmpressLoveSiren23
Hello are you there I'm seriously running out of spots to write my reviews so in sooner or later I'm gonna be out of review spots so in other words HELP
2/5 c8 EmpressLoveSiren23
Hello do you copy I said you can write on my reviews and that way we could get PM messages to each other and that way I know when you are messaging me so do you copy, please respond and go to my stories and you'll find me ok?
2/5 c7 EmpressLoveSiren23
hi so what do you think about Athena's wedding dress idea or you have another idea for her dress and also write and review my stories so we can chat when is this pm messaging disabled gonna be lifted
2/4 c10 EmpressLoveSiren23
Yo, when's the next chapter cause I'm really running out of a place for review, please a little preview please
2/4 c11 EmpressLoveSiren23
Please tell me you are still working on next chapter
2/3 c6 EmpressLoveSiren23
Hey where are you how come your not responding SERIOUSLY running out of spots for review
2/3 c5 EmpressLoveSiren23
hello I'm still here and I was wondering if your there
2/3 c12 EmpressLoveSiren23
I so can't wait for the next chapter
2/2 c4 EmpressLoveSiren23
Hey I'm almost out of reviews spot when is next chapter for story
1/31 c13 EmpressLoveSiren23
so when will it be done I can't wait so much I think I'm gonna burst with excitement
1/30 c14 EmpressLoveSiren23
when is the new chapter I'm so pumped up
1/30 c3 EmpressLoveSiren23
so when is next chapter I'm running out of reviews
1/29 c2 EmpressLoveSiren23
so what's your idea I love to hear it but I'm running out of reviews so tell me your ideas I'm all ears
1/23 c1 EmpressLoveSiren23
I just pm you how's it going with romance blossom
12/24/2015 c14 55The-Fourth-Queen
I like this story a lot, and I love the OCS.
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