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for Life as a tallest

11/25/2017 c2 3SchizoidSeth
I'm not a big OC reader but, an OC writer. I cant seem to get the characters right when I try to do a regular fanfic but I digress. You are a special case in this perspective since I found your story well... entertaining. It has potential. I know life and writers block gets in the way but I'm willing to lend a hand in both regards.

This is your favorite psychopath schizo with the message, "Dont judge a book by its cover. it's a little lession I'm still trying to follow even today
8/3/2011 c2 4Sabrina Bane
Not bad. You might want to work on your grammer a little bit. Some people can be mean, and will be rude about it. Other than that, it's really good so far.
4/8/2011 c1 1invaderamby206
this is mee im just saying READ ITT

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