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4/22/2013 c1 4Eyghon
That was fantastic, although I thought it totally deserved a second chapter where they find Quinn...
3/21/2011 c1 3Ashley218
This was very good. A lot of stories that involve older Beth have Shelby be this mean, slave worker of a mom and I love that it is not the case in this story. Your characterization off Shelby is written very well.

Is this going to be a one-shot or a continuing story?
3/19/2011 c1 truth-girl
Dear god.

I'm a Shell (Shelby/Will) shipper who likes to keep up on any Shelby-centric stories, too. Sometimes I find myself rolling my eyes at the way people write the Shelby/Rachel dynamic and the way they address the issue of Beth. But this - this was FANTASTIC. Please, keep writing Glee fic. You have the right amount of sensitivity and you definitely have Shelby's voice down (this is coming from someone who writes that character almost daily). Kudos.
3/19/2011 c1 4BernieR

You are a womderfully, magnificant writer, always! :)

Cute cute fic so far, already hooked. You know, since that last episode I've been on a glee fan fic kick, mostly searching out klaine fics, lol! But this is great as well. Can't wait to see what kind of journey you take us on girl. :)
3/19/2011 c1 26Serendipity Kat
Awww... this is very touching. nice work, dear.
3/19/2011 c1 353Minne-My
Yay for Juliana! Was hoping you'd use that name. She has Puck's eyes...

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