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11/18/2012 c30 MeganM93
Great chapter !
Please dont leave it there !
9/30/2012 c30 62capostrophe
Nawwwww she's engaged to Belle! So cute! And Belle saying she loved Kelis like a daughter was really sweet too, this was a lovely ending to a lovely story. Sad that it might be the last Kelis, but I'm excited for those future Klashes ;D
9/30/2012 c30 Always.1234
Oh my god that's brilliant! So glad they are happy now :) I can't believe they just got engaged (especially without Kelly even knowing) xD
Great chapter :) hope it doesn't end too soon ;D
9/25/2012 c9 Always.1234
Oh my god she's positive. I kinda saw it coming, but not really. xD liked the Kelly pov, that wa very interesting. In fact, that was just a great chapter... :D
9/25/2012 c29 capostrophe
Yay! New update! Worth the wait :D Ooh I can't wait for the next chapters! So many things have to happen! Like stuff about Kelis's pregnancy and Pedro and things...can't wait
4/27/2012 c28 capostrophe
Haha Sir Piers Pompous

Loved this new chapter, glad this story's back, I missed it
12/6/2011 c26 capostrophe
This was a great chapter, I loved Kelly's thoughts about Annabelle and Flash and Kelis being pregnant and all the emotion.
11/24/2011 c25 nm
WOW kelly JR is evil! nice updatee i like it
11/23/2011 c25 capostrophe
Great chapter! Poor Kelis! And I loved the conversation between Becca and Kelis
9/30/2011 c23 gypsy rosalie
heyy i like

aww I love how Kelly says Belle loves Kelis like her own

ooh cant wait for the kel/belle surprise...

ooh portkey!
9/27/2011 c23 nm
hi becca

i love this story its good. nice to c ur back.

um th e story is good, i like how u show kell is worried, about finding kelis, and wants annabel back as well..

um who's violet?
7/20/2011 c22 nm
hey u updated yay!...i love the elivator music bit

kelly should stop blaming becca

so thats y pompfrey thought kelis was a fritton.

keep updating
7/18/2011 c22 capostrophe
Oh no Ponfrey has Kelis!

Im so glad you updated, I can't wait for the next!
6/29/2011 c21 nm
um how about number 1? then morning star?
6/4/2011 c21 capostrophe
Aw, poor Annabelle! Ohh and what's Kelis gunna do with Becca? Is she going to tell her about the pregnancy? Can't wait for more!
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