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6/27/2017 c9 Fan
Hey. Really good story. Just thought I'd tell you that you're Irish or "Gaelic" isn't spot on but it is pretty good. Well done! X
2/26/2017 c18 AiramZehcnas
Hi! I love this Fic <3 Is awesomeAnd...
I want to know, what happen with the couple Dorcha-Morrighan? I like this couple very much and I wish can you write about them n.n
6/15/2016 c18 A Fan
This is brilliant! I love it! I've been wanting to write a Lord of the Dance fic but probably wouldn't have come up with half the plotlines you did. I still might but i'm REALLY happy that this exists. Ik the ideas probably hiding somewhere but i'd love to see a sequel.
7/23/2015 c8 5singertobe
Just curious, what time period would you say this is? Medieval? Renaissance? Earlier?
7/23/2015 c4 singertobe
This is just awesome!
2/26/2015 c18 2Mistress Cresacre
Very well done! Did you write this based off of the 1997 version or the 2011 version? I guess it could technically fit either one. I was just curious. I really enjoyed it though. It really gave more background to the dance. Well done. :-)
2/2/2015 c18 Tipper dehavilland
I love your story! I love watching feet of flames
12/23/2014 c15 tarheelsmaniac
Have been watching Feet of Flames for the past few hours, thanks for making a fanfic about it. Some of it was hard to understand. Also, thanks for getting the lyrics for the priestly chant, i was wanting to sing it, but could not comprehend the words and say them fast enough just by audio alone.
5/1/2014 c18 spatterson
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3/16/2014 c18 spatterson
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3/24/2013 c1 spatterson
I have noticed that there were some scenes skipped. Like, Lament. But, I am glad you skipped Lament because in the DVD when that scene comes on, it makes me fall asleep until the song ends. It's pretty and boring at the same time. Thank you for not adding Lament to this story. I am grateful.
1/2/2013 c18 Spatterson
Oh, my goodness! Planet Ireland! Thank you for adding Planet Ireland. I've wanted to see that scene. Awesome story.
12/31/2012 c12 5EmilyLouisexx
I have started to reread this and it's amazing.I live this song and dance a lot :) not the fact that on the 3d DVD don dorcha is very good-looking but great story :) xx
12/29/2012 c17 Spatterson
Amazing chapter. But can you do Planet Ireland for us? We want to see the whole cast together for that final number. Please add Planet Ireland to this because Planet Ireland is the last scene in the Feet of flames DVD.
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