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4/13 c16 2Rainbowbowties
Oh my god my ovaries just freaking exploded. Best Johnlock moment EVER!
4/8 c32 Elle
I've read School For Scandal in the past three days and now it's over and I'm a sobbing mess! It was beautiful, absolutely perfect... It's 2:36 AM here and I have no idea what to do with my life. I loved the epilogue. Well, I loved everything. Deeply, deeply touching. Thank you so much for sharing it! :')
4/7 c21 33bethanyyerinn
Shit is getting so real right now. But I'm really sad that Ben will be in Sherlock's room now. That means no random midday/midnight sex! And I would say your Moriarty is properly creepy, so don't worry about him not being sufficient, he totally is.
4/6 c20 bethanyyerinn
YOU THOUGHT THIS CHAPTER WAS DRY? You're crazy. This was a great chapter. They didn't get into a fight where they don't talk for days for fucking once, first off. But also I liked the way Sherlock's being not so much of a dick now, and it was very apparent in this chapter. And also, I knew the second you said there was a new kid that made Sherlock uncomfortable that it was Moriarty and I am SO EXCITED ABOUT IT.
4/6 c19 bethanyyerinn
Okay, I'm mostly not mad at you anymore. Sherlock made up for being an arse and John defended himself a little. And I like John's mum. So yes. Much better.

But I have one complaint. A huge one. You are such a good writer that I never thought you would pull this one, but you did, and I am disappointed.


John better be in so much damn pain after that, because you CAN'T USE SPIT AS LUBE. IT DOES NOT WORK.

But anyway. I still love this story. And your writing. And you. Just not your use of saliva-lubricant or the word "sex" referring to a penis.
4/6 c18 bethanyyerinn
So I was so excited to read again, because I haven't been able to for a few days... and you give me this. I am so mad at you right now. Genuinely. I am really angry. This is stupid. John tried to fight of Mycroft, but Sherlock is acting like a fucking child and John isn't even defending himself! He's acting like he went along with it when he obviously didn't! He basically got molested and Sherlock is punishing him for it. It's a bunch of bullshit. You better fix this or I'm gonna stop reading, because this is just stupid.
4/3 c17 bethanyyerinn
4/3 c16 bethanyyerinn
Oh Jesus Lord Christ. FINALLY. I thought they were never gonna make up. Then again, they should probably still talk about their disagreement... but that's okay. I suppose make-up sex is also fine.
4/3 c15 bethanyyerinn
DAMN IT. Why does this keep happening? Sherlock needs to stop thinking too much and John needs to stop being so easily insulted by things. Teenagers, I swear.
4/3 c14 bethanyyerinn
"Bastard" is right! Damn you, Mycroft. Sometimes he is bareable, depending on the story, but I can see this isn't one of those stories. Oh, and you're a bastard too, because I'm so incapable of putting this story down that I've started reading it on my phone in class.
4/2 c13 bethanyyerinn
Yeah, speaking of that, what IS Sherlock hiding? Something about his sexual past, obviously... and I'm glad they're spending Christmas together. Should be interesting. But my sense of trepidation still lingers... I fear bad things are fast approaching our lovely couple...
4/2 c12 bethanyyerinn
Oh fuckin' shit. Shit just keeps escalating and it's scaring me.

Oh, and I think Ben is gay too. Or there's at least something about him everyone doesn't know. I've been wondering for a few chapters, but this chapter is making me almost positive.
4/2 c11 bethanyyerinn
Oh Sherlock, you perfect arsehole. I just can't with you.
4/2 c10 bethanyyerinn
Damn their mutual emotional constipation. DAMN IT TO HELL.
4/2 c9 bethanyyerinn
I wanted them so badly to just get together, but the sense of foreboding in this conversation is ruining my happiness. I'm really frightened now.
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