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5/31/2011 c15 2Diana Fay
ooo spooky i wanna see her fight now so i am uber excited
5/31/2011 c15 8The Silent Hunter
So she finally saw them fight... and this time Raph was really concentrated! I liked how you wrote that scene. I also like how you made her words so cryptic! I wonder what Leo thought of them... and I bet she's going to make a detour on her way to getting food to check on Raph. Maybe give him a back massage. :D Not really though; she doesn't seem like she's comfortable enough to do that yet.

Can't wait to see what happens next; when will Leo catch the hint that she really isn't interested in him?
5/25/2011 c14 The Silent Hunter
Pockets? What pockets?

Leo Leo Leo, spying is bad. *frowny face*

I can't wait to see what happens next (and see what Raph knits next :D)
5/23/2011 c14 2Diana Fay
he keeps then in a black hole of a pocket XDD jk nice story so far i do hope leo finds love or something to take the pain away have a great day btw
5/23/2011 c14 ppd123456
great story! keep writing! :)
5/17/2011 c13 8The Silent Hunter
Hmmm... I wonder how long Leo's 'I don't care' front is going to last. I can't wait to see! I can feel the tension growing and it's giving me goosebumps. Please update again soon!
5/16/2011 c13 4love-loves-love
love it
5/16/2011 c13 7GracefulWolvesInTheNight
Ahh the magic of love :D Adorable! Take that Leo! Muahahaha! I think that's really cool how Donny figured out the whole omni holograph thing though. Very neato!
5/14/2011 c12 VibrantSausage
so far this has been a good story, but it looks like this chapter has been rushed a little bit. And it lacks some details, not that common sense or imagination could figure them out, but it's still nice to have some. Plus it seems like some of the characters were a little out of character themselves. Especially Leo, no offense, but I just can't see Leo crying over that. Upset and sad maybe, but tears, unlikely in my book. Iono though. OVERALL good story lol :) I enjoy it
5/11/2011 c12 4love-loves-love
love it update this story soon it's great and i want to read more and finally they make a move
5/10/2011 c12 8The Silent Hunter
Wow. Just... wow! So, it's finally out in the open... poor poor Leo, he was too caught up in his own world to realize what should have been obvious. I wonder what kind of tension will arise from this revelation... :D
5/10/2011 c12 7GracefulWolvesInTheNight
Okay I would feel a little bad for Leo except... RAPH KISSED JUNO! Eeepp! :D I still love how he can get nervous around her ;P Riding on the back of Raph's motorcycle *dreamy sigh* now that's the bomb!
5/4/2011 c11 8The Silent Hunter
Aww! I love the developing friction! It's so... wow.
5/2/2011 c11 7GracefulWolvesInTheNight
'Oh it's you. The pervert.' roflmbo i think i died of laughter right there :D and then i was squealing in joy when she asked Raph to kiss her lol and then i was weirded out that Leo is seriously crushing on her. But then again im gonna feel sorry for him when she rejects him :( but not sorry enough to not be totally ecstatic when her and Raph get together!
4/26/2011 c10 8The Silent Hunter
Aww. I love the developing relationship. It's so much fun to watch them stumbled around each other. I can't wait to see what happens next!
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