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for A Way Back Home

4/22/2011 c9 8The Silent Hunter
Oh man, this was an awesome chapter! I especially like how you showed the growing friendship between Juno and Mikey.

And as for reviews, don't worry too much about them; writing should really be for yourself. I'm just happy you do feel the strength to share it with the world. ^_^

Please update soon; I can't wait to see what happens next!
4/22/2011 c9 7GracefulWolvesInTheNight
lol knitting that's great I totally forgot about that! :D I love how you made Juno and Mikey become best friends. Mikey is so adorable!
4/17/2011 c8 GracefulWolvesInTheNight
I totally love how Raph gets all unsure about himself and unable to talk to Juno :D I was jealous of her when they were laying together after the fight lol It was also awesome how she handled Raph like that in getting him to the med bay! hehe I cant wait to see what happens when they're alone and she's fixing Raph's hand :D Update... NOW! LOL jk but seriously update. :P
4/13/2011 c8 slutforrainbows
I'm really liking this story so far! Keep up the good work :)
4/12/2011 c8 TenaciouslyEnigmatic
Ok I totally agree with THE SILENT HUNTER. This story needs WAYY more reviews than it has right now. So far I absolutely love your story and I seriously can't wait for the next chapter! But seriously this is a GREAT story and it's hard to find stories like these on here! But in all honesty I congratulate you for making such a great piece of work! And no offense or anything but why are there "stars" (*) around certain words? I'm just curious really. Anyways I can't wait for the next chapter!
4/11/2011 c8 8The Silent Hunter
YAY! New chapter!

This was awesomely written and fun to read. Please update again soon!
4/8/2011 c7 The Silent Hunter
Okay, I have no idea why this story doesn't have more reviews. I mean, this is totally awesome! Please update again soon; this has the makings of something really epic.
4/2/2011 c7 EmberHaze
I really like this story. You've got the turtles personalities down flat.

I hope you update soon!

3/29/2011 c7 rinpup14
Awesome cant wait 4 more and 4 raph 2 get some
3/28/2011 c7 Rose
Nice story!
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