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for A Way Back Home

12/3/2012 c14 3Mei H. Kin
Maybe the little pockets Don installed in their gear? I know he has a stash in his room. And maybe the others are so busy they forget about them? I know you can make them home-made, and then you could probably find some on the internet anyway. Anyway...AWESOME STORY!
8/5/2012 c27 4Siren to the Werewolves
Hahaha baird a technopth ...I could totally see that as his "super power" lol
12/6/2011 c40 Dontgotaclue88
Hope Juno and the rest of the gang can help Leo and Raph out. ^,^
12/5/2011 c40 10Gaia Kame
What shenanigans will happen? I can think of one - REVENGE! lol

Thank you so much for posting the next chapter to this story! I was so happy to see this posting I practically squealed like a little girl... And I'm suppose to be an adult. lol

Well, please keep up the wonderful work and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Ps: Mind you I haven't played Resident Evil in forever and I haven't watched any of the movies in a year but the RE universe is awesome. Wasn't Jill killed? (Forgets) Oh well, I wasn't a fan of Jill really. I was a fan of the guy that would just appear out of no where and scare the crap out of you! His favorite line - "Stars.."

Yeah - you know who he is and he was kick ass! XD
12/5/2011 c40 Syzygy101
Yay yay yay... An update... Woo hoo! Oooh so the plot thickens...what's gonna happen to raph n Leo..? Must read on to find out! So happy u updated... Look forward to next chapter!

:-) X
12/5/2011 c40 11happinessinthedarktimes
I love it... It's funny that you updated today cuz I was actually thinking about it earlier that you hadn't updated in a while and I was wondering when you would again! I really hope Leo and Raph are gonna be okay.
11/5/2011 c39 10Gaia Kame
A-ha~ A plot twist! ...Or is it? lol. Will more be explained about Splinter being the new 'Master of the War Staff' within the next chapter? Just curious.

I highly enjoyed many of Michelangelo's comments within this chapter. Several things he said within several scenes of this chapter made me laugh. I highly enjoyed it and it was refreshing. :)

SMUT SCENE! Huzzah~ to smut! lol

Being that it was smut I can honestly say it was well written. I will go no further with commenting on this scene due to the desire of wanting to not sound like an ecchi. lol!

Well, other then that your writing was done well, I saw no grammar mistakes, your story was able to make me react out loud - all in all meaning it was a very well written chapter. Please keep up the wonderful work. :)
11/3/2011 c22 Guest
I don't think I've ever liked an oc as much as I've liked yours, she's just so unpredictable.
11/1/2011 c39 Dontgotaclue88
Wow go Splinter! Seems now the boys are going to live on their own. Their grown, I hope they can handle it. ^.^
11/1/2011 c39 syzygy101
Yay...another chapter! I do look forward to Reading the next part in this story...and u didn't disappoint with this one! Great twist...and what are the boys gonna do without splinter (who would be awesome running the battle nexus BTW) can't wait for next chapter!

As always great job!

:-) X
10/31/2011 c39 8The Silent Hunter
oooOOOooo, plot twist! What will the guys do now that Master Splinter is leaving permanently. Will they go with him, or remain on Earth? I WANNA KNOW! *falls out of chair*

Great chapter again! This story is just sooo awesome! I could just die from the sheer amount of awesomeness... but then I'd never get to read what happens next so I will just have to stay alive and in anticipation for each and every chapter. :D You are truly marvelous!

W/3, SH
10/31/2011 c37 19New.York.Celt
Jubilee is adorable! xD

Amazing story, as always and amazing chapter, as always.
10/31/2011 c38 New.York.Celt
Awesome chapter, as always :D
10/31/2011 c39 New.York.Celt
I absolutely love Feral/Donnie xD

Amazing chapter, as always :D
10/31/2011 c39 2Diana Fay
XDDDDD MIKEY i loved that line "Yeah, totally. If I hear all that mushy mushy noise again, I'm gonna puke! 'Oh Raph, that's good...right there! Oh yeah...yeah...!'" XDD ROFL i LOVED it and also another note WAAAA MASTER SPLINTER WHY i is sad for him i can't wait to see how the girls handle this news and all the reactions
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