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10/31/2011 c39 1LizardEyes327
O noes! Splinter will be an awesome war staff wielder though :3 poor guys, gotsta say bubye to daddy eventually
10/27/2011 c38 syzygy101
Ooooh yay... Another chapter! Only just got round to reading it...sorry! So no more monster Juno...but what is 'the other thing' she asked about...guess I gotta keep Reading to find out (u know I will anyway).

Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next chappie!

:-) X
10/26/2011 c38 10Gaia Kame
... *squeals fan girl style* So much action! Bravo~ well written indeed! Please keep up the wonderful work!

I must admit I feel that the chapters aren't long enough! lol~ I can all honesty imagine Scorpion grabbing small groups of mutants, dimension jump with them, and dropping them in the center of lava pits in his other little dimension of access; and Feral going all Terminator like on the enemy with her future-istic weapons. XD I honestly can't wait to see what happens next in your next chapter when it comes to your fighting scenes. Please - keep up the wonderful writing. :)
10/26/2011 c37 Gaia Kame
Gomen (Japanese for 'Sorry') for not reading this chapter sooner! Busy life - lol! I must say that when I was reading this chapter I was thinking 'what if one of them can make a portal stick or jump dimensions in some way?' then Scorpion jumped dimensions while taking everyone with him! *squeals* Just like in mortal combat! Yeah! lol - makes me wonder if Scorpion will suddenly yank his face off to show just his skull and start shooting fire during the fight? *excitement* I'm off to read the next chapter now! XD Please keep up the wonderful work!
10/26/2011 c38 Dontgotaclue88
Dontgotaglue99...its Dontgotaclue88. o.0" I feal sooo loved right now... JUST KIDDIN! Thought it was funny as hell! LMFAO! Seriously its ok. I think I giggled for ten minutes non stop. *yes there is something very wrong with me* Anyways... this chap was awesome! Juno rocks and I'm looking forward to chap 39. ^.^
10/26/2011 c38 11happinessinthedarktimes
love it! cant wait for more!
10/25/2011 c38 2Diana Fay
atten-TION! jk awww (sniff) true love helped after all man i am such a sap for love i liked the whole fight situation and how they are coming to get her but there is one tiny thing i ...found weird its how little the turtles had dialog granted i know its hard but i was wondering why that was i loved the chapter and hope for more group time like maybe when this is over they spend a holiday together that would be cool ..i think i hope you don't get offended

P.S GOOOOD LUCK on the next chapter
10/25/2011 c38 8The Silent Hunter
Hmmm... well, I guessed that only Raph could help her, but what's this OTHER thing she's worried about?

And who are the agents? *shivers* This story is getting even more intense! I can't wait to see what happens next! :P
10/24/2011 c8 61FreyReh
haha loved the last bit on this chapter... could totally see it being quiet save for the coffee... totally had it pictured in my head and loved it... :)
10/19/2011 c37 5callmeBaby'08
pretty good story i'd love to read more of this
10/19/2011 c37 Dontgotaclue88
O.0' monster inside her? Oh dear... this is going to be painful huh.
10/18/2011 c37 Trunksymia
more please
10/18/2011 c12 callmeBaby'08
aw poor leo i feel for baby
10/18/2011 c37 syzygy101
Woo hoo...another update! Wow...great chapter and interesting twist...can't wait to see where this goes! Any significance to splinter going off? Ah and leaving the chapter on such a cliffhanger...grrrrr...update soon please please please.

:-) X
10/17/2011 c37 2Diana Fay
oooooo SHIT man this is gonna get UGLY so is her monster like a split personalty or a side effect of the mutation i can't wait to find out i am a little confused as to where this is going are they going to go to her world and help her or her and raph just go, is that other world going to come here, is life going to go on and she stays or decides to go by herself

drop me a hint i love where this is going
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