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for A Way Back Home

7/9/2011 c22 mela
Wow I am so in love with this story, I love it don't keep on the edge update soon
7/5/2011 c22 8The Silent Hunter
oh wow! This chapter was... intense. I wonder what will happen now, in the aftermath. Will Raph forgive Leo... and will Leo even return, or will they have to drag him back to their lives? And what about Juno? She got shot in the chest... twice, and is now wandering the streets of New York... what will she do? Will the guys find out about what she did? How will they react?

I could continue writing down all my questions, but that would take awhile... so just please keep updating and being awesome!
7/5/2011 c22 Britney101
Update soon!
7/4/2011 c22 2Diana Fay
DAM she is crazy angry i mean like scary angry i hope they um don't find out what she did or anything wooowe lots of drama i LIKE itthanks for writing it good luck on the next few chapters
6/27/2011 c21 Diana Fay
lover scene and lots of gulit is hanging in the AIR i loved this chapter hey wacha going to do for the christmas bash chapter i hope you can give me some idea
6/27/2011 c21 8The Silent Hunter
YAY! Updated chapter!


Wonder when Leo will crack? I think it will be soon...
6/27/2011 c21 4Magic Janet
Update soon!
6/27/2011 c21 11happinessinthedarktimes
Awesome chapter! I love it! ... haha I went a little crazy with exclamation points
6/24/2011 c20 14Star Tweak
Oh wow, I read all 20 chapters in one sitting! I love it! Juno's a very refreshing character, and the guys are perfectly characterized. Will there be any other appearances from characters in Juno's universe?

Please update soon!
6/23/2011 c20 7GracefulWolvesInTheNight
Soooo I just have to say that this chapter, though it wasn't fluffy, was probably one of the BEST chapters you have ever written. You did an amazing job not only working out how Leo would realistically get distracted and confused at the whole situation and how well you worked Juno's characters into everything and Raph's responses. Heck even Mikey crying and Donnie taking control was totally believable. You did a totally freakin amazing job. Though I am super excited for the fluff of Juno forcing Raph to behave as she nurses him back to health rofl
6/22/2011 c20 4Magic Janet
Maybe you should have Leo find someone else so that he can forget about Juno. Then problem would be solved! I love this story soooo much, update soon!
6/20/2011 c20 2Diana Fay
wooowe i was nerves as all hell there for a sec but now i knows hes ok well i'm ok and i hope leo has learend some leason o and by the way did you get my last message i hope it did not anoy you or something
6/20/2011 c20 8The Silent Hunter
Oh man, that was such a stressful chapter. Poor Raph... so much pain... *cries*

I... honestly don't know what else to say. Hope he gets better soon...
6/20/2011 c20 11happinessinthedarktimes
oh dang... i hope Raph gets better soon! cant wait for the next chapter!
6/17/2011 c19 sophieruiz
luvv it!

update soooon plzz! €:
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