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3/27/2011 c4 11OddAuthor
Great chapter. I'm glad Trixie is "Junior Disguise Master", however, the Dimmsdale police aren't that hard to fool so the disguise doesn't have to be too complicated. I've often that of that "Gumball Kid" at the Truck Stop; he'll probably NEVER chew gum again after that! LOL!
3/25/2011 c3 OddAuthor
Again, a terrific chapter. Not sure what else to say except keep up the great work. (P.S. I hate the fact we can only upload 15 documents on here at once also!)
3/25/2011 c3 185Luiz4200
Timmy's parents killing him? Wow, that's dark!
3/25/2011 c3 120Wishmaker1028
Ah, man. Getting good. I'm totally loving this. Huh, I wonder what you have in store for that muffin...
3/24/2011 c2 11OddAuthor
Terrific chapter. I liked the way you worked the Magic Muffin in, along with the four other kids!
3/23/2011 c2 185Luiz4200
Yeah! The muffin was activated!
3/23/2011 c2 120Wishmaker1028
Wow, it's getting good. Great job thus far.
3/22/2011 c1 11OddAuthor
Great start. You've got me hooked! Can't wait for the next chapter!
3/21/2011 c1 185Luiz4200
Did Timmy travel through both time AND space?
3/21/2011 c1 120Wishmaker1028
Wow! Great start! Thanks for taking my challenge! And Reshirom and Zekriom were a great touch!
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