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for WITCH VS Thor

4/28/2015 c1 Guest
and that such "WITCH and CAPTAIN AMERICA VS. HYDRA! if?
7/17/2013 c1 Guest
10/9/2012 c1 PEJP BengtZone V2
Wait a moment!
Shouldn't Will have been infused with a portion of Mjolnir's Asgardian magic, when she lifted the hammer, which in turn would have had the Heart of Kandrakar briefly supercharged?
1/3/2012 c1 Blue-eyes
I'm looking forward to the sequel to this.
8/16/2011 c1 xxannaforever21xx
this story's awesomee:) hope u put a sequel up for this soon please^^
7/9/2011 c1 Fred J
I like the plot. I think if I had written it, though, Susan would have stayed dead. With her alive and well, Will could get over it. If she was dead, nothing would have stopped Will from going after Thor and the Oracle. Think the Council would survive another keeper turning on them?
6/2/2011 c1 239Autistic-Grizzly
Awesome story, still can;t believe Will had to have teh urge to kill for her to wield Mjolnir.

Any chance of a hint for the third in the series?
5/27/2011 c1 nightmaster000
good chapter but what is going to happen will now can't wait to see
4/6/2011 c1 40ThePink1 at Reefside.Net
The Astral girls were just finishing the story when their Guardian 'siblings' came in thru Taranee's window.

"Hey, I thought we left you guys here so you could work on our homework in peace?" the Fire Guardian accused her 'Drop when she saw what they had pulled up on her laptop. "Fanfic, you five? Honestly?" Their duplicates grinned back at her cheekily.

"One five-minute break, and you're breathing down our necks," Carmen Lair sighed dramatically.

"Ten minutes," Lucy Hale corrected helpfully, swishing back her hair. "You read slow, love."

"Only 'cause SHE does," Carmen told her girlfriend, pointing at Irma. The other Guardians and Astral Brigade girls giggled, while Irma turned a shade of red close to Will & 'Mina's hair.

"Step aside, and we'll see who reads slow," Irma said darkly. She shooed the others out of her way, took Hay's usual seat in the center of the five Guardians, and they started at the top of the story.

Nine minutes later ... (Hah!) *giggle* "Shhhh!"

"He ... he killed her ... then he SAVED her ..." Will murmured. Her 'sister' was hugging her from behind, from the start of their battle's second round in Heatherfield, and both had tears in their eyes at Susan's actions, then Thor's.

"Eh, I don't see a problem, here," Irma said at the end of the story.

"WHAT?" her friends and her 'sister' all screamed.

"Well, I just mean ... the rest of us beat her once, I figure we can do it again," Irma replied with a shrug. She nodded at 'Mina, Will's Altermere. The red-haired duplicate blushed and looked down in embarrassment, remembering her first night on Earth, and that first battle, as well.

"Yeah, well, I've learned a lot since then, so don't think I'll be that easy to take down anymore, I," Will said with a wicked grin. Irma was just opening her mouth to ask 'like what?' when Will caught her with a pillow to the face from under the bench they were sitting on.

"Pillow fight!" Carmen yelled, grabbing plush ammunition from Taranee's bed and swinging for Will ... who ducked, letting Carmen bowl her own originator over. The ensuing free-for-all swallowed them all up, except Taranee, who nabbed her laptop up and retreated into her closet to hide safely, and reply in peace.

To: XV-Dragon

From: Taranee

"Hey, XV. Great new story-sequel. It wasn't nearly as involved as our fight with the Hulk, but with a powerhouse like Thor, I guess it's finish things early or have a long, protracted battle while he nerfs his attacks against us 'mere mortals'. (BTW, thanks for just knocking me out.) You may want to send this back out for a Beta's once-over, for some typos, but otherwise, it was great. Hope to see the next sequel soon, Taranee, W.i.t.c.h. & friends."

Yeah, pretty much what she said, XV. Loved the second installment, waiting impatiently for the third, so catch ya on the flipside, A J.
3/31/2011 c1 Kalims
Whoa, some fic! Very impressive XV, everything about the story was great: the writing, the description, the plot...

Can't wait for its sequel=)
3/28/2011 c1 2NIkly
Wow, this story is epic! I liked it so much and the fighting scenes were breath taking! When Thor hit Susan I thought that Will was going to kill him on the spot, but luckily he managed to resurrect her. luckily for him.

Seriously XV, this one was epic and I'll eagerly wait your next fic!
3/25/2011 c1 32Aria Morid
Wow! Great story! The sequel sounds interesting as well! And the sequel on War for Meridian's Throne also sounds interesting! But as they say, all good things come to the ones that wait. So I'll wait.
3/24/2011 c1 5Heart of the Demons
Bravo, XV! Epicness abounds in this story. The Guardians of Candracar taking on Thor and his allies of Asgard worked all over. I think you should write more stories like this. You've been gone for quite awhile now, and it's time I saw some new material from you.
3/23/2011 c1 4W. Vandom
This was a great story and I can't wait to see what happened with Susan and if the parents do or don't remember even if Odin did alter some memories. The next installment in the story looks be be great also, you already have a great setup for it and knowing your writing and stories I know that they're always great.
3/22/2011 c1 org13fan
I agree with odin

why make them protectors of worlds if they have to spare every evil they face

some evils you can't simply lock up and throw away the key
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