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for Post HAMMERDOWN Protocol

5/2/2016 c9 Imareader
Really good want more please, I hate to be left in suspense
11/22/2014 c9 4Nighthawk6595
Queue the intro for Godzilla the Series because we might have a Monster Fight on our hands for the New York Territory.
6/14/2014 c1 55Gundam Kaiser
Well, pessimistic narration is pessimistic...
12/28/2012 c9 4Locksoli
I really enjoyed reading this. its very interesting. I would like to read the next chapter to see what you have in store for the two monsters
9/19/2012 c9 steven
this was awesome make more lol
4/3/2012 c9 1Dak Hamee
That was awesome! I always thought the part in the movie where the tail destroyed the Brooklyn bridge was strange, there was no way clover could've gotten in front of them with them noticing

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