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12/2/2018 c1 8RoraNeko
Very nice!
12/9/2015 c1 3Serulium
That was amazing! I loved it! I really liked the way you described everything and that final moment was just perfect. I am so glad Kaito got hear those words. Thank you for this story. It really was a treasure to read.
4/25/2015 c1 6Kensy Echo
I was crying while reading this ... I don't know how to show you just how wonderful this story is with my limited English. The first part doesn't give any clue to anything, well, maybe a bit, but it doesn't really lead to anything. However, I feel the loneliness when he observes his crowd of fans from a dark place behind them. And then, one comment from a fan that you show part by part as the story grows. And it really hurts to finally see the whole sentence of which the fan feels that Kid doesn't enjoy his own show. A bit before that, Conan shows himself, and just like you said in the last part, they talks with a mask still on. They maybe know each other identity, but they hide them. And as the story grows, it reveals just how much pain Kid feels as he lose a reason to continue his show, as he afraid that everyone won't remember him. Oh, God, you don't rush everything as you just let the feeling grow and deepen, that's what I think. That's why, it ... feels really soft ... err, how should I put it, it is the feeling of when you slowly learn as days past by that the one you care is actually just playing tough. When I haven't know Kid's real identity, I feel like he is so cool, mature, but so distance. Now, that I know his real identity, I think that he must be lonely ... And you're able to capture that emotion. You only write a short sentence of "I think I would miss you", but it holds a much more deep meaning. But, it hurts, because Shinichi doesn't directly say it to Kid nor Kaito, but to his disguise ... Oh, I really want to hug Kaito TT-TT

Thank you for writing this story! Keep writing!
12/30/2011 c1 11Kaida-14Kage
Yay! This was good-i dont really think you need a beta. I would offer anyways-but I suck at the english laungue-even though I live in America for all my life XD Though if you want I still could beta for you...but there are probally others that could so much better XD

I like the way you told the story. Yeah, calling Kaitou KID and Conan by things other then their names might have been hard-but it made a really nice effect. :)

Poor Kaito he was looseing he will to being Kaitou KID...luckily (Lady Luck always did favor him didnt she?) Conan was there to cheer him up-and to say he would miss him *heart*

And I think Conan knew that it was KID. He just asked what his(her?) name was to keep the truce they unknowningly created at the time :) (Or maybe it's just my stubborness that Kudou Shinichi would know that it was KID no matter what...) But i still stick with my belife XD It's nice to think Shinichi ment he will miss KID personally anyways :)
8/31/2011 c1 12MnC21
This story is nice.

Very well written.

Just a little confusing, but still it is a good story.

Warm regards,

5/30/2011 c1 9AngelicSnow
Aw, this story was really good :D

...Say... what's the job of a Beta? Is it supposed to be just reading and pointing out mistakes or is there something else I'm ot getting? Because I'd be happy to apply for that job if I could help at all :D

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