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6/9/2011 c4 30Julie Winchester
I had to google Bonanza, but other than that, it was fine.

Suggestions for crossovers... LotR? A meeting with Frodon could make Merlin panick a bit about destiny lol
6/8/2011 c4 33fernazab
Thank you for explaining the characters throughout the chapter. We've never seen this show and wikipedia was no help.

haha. Joe just runs off screaming. Nice. We don't understand his logic, but I don't think we're supposed to.

Our favorite line: "Merlin and Arthur? I'm sure they had their reasons then, mate. What you really need is a drink."

And Adam. Wow. "She just something weird. Woah, that's hot." There is no magic until I see a pretty lady use it. haha, The image of him asking Morgana where he is...

And the Pa followed Arthur into the palace. *sarcasm* Yeah, that's gonna go well.

We liked it.
6/5/2011 c4 11Astiza
Hmm I love this story. Cross overs work so well for Merlin XD I love Bonanza...
6/2/2011 c4 10ArodieltheElfofRohan
I love Bonanza! :D This is pretty funny. Can't wait to see Ben meet Uther, and for Adam to talk to Morgana. :P
5/26/2011 c3 CeeRat
Oh, that was beyond hilarious! :D

Make a fangirl's day and do Dr. Who?
5/15/2011 c3 Leonarema
Merlin glanced at Mr. Spock. "Perhaps we should…?"

"Stand here and watch?"

"Exactly what I was thinking."


Just one thing: During one of his epic fistfights Kirk would have managed to lose his shirt completely - regardless of the quality ;-)

And of course Spock had to be the one to end up in the dungeons...

As I said you have their characters down pat.

Gaius and Bones in a "raise the eyebrow" contest? You are really mean. You see, I have got a cold and I am still laughing, i.e. coughing...
5/15/2011 c2 Leonarema
This chapter was not so funny ?

This chapter was absolutely hilarious! Your characters are spot-on. You did not just have me cracking smiles, I was roaring with laughter:

Arthur comparing his chest to Kirk - am I the only Trekkie out there who thinks that we see Arthur suspiciously often shirtless - just like Kirk? Hey, I did not say I was complaining! Though the quality of clothes in the 23rd century obviously is considerably worse than in the 6th century... ;-)

Kirk's blatant disregard of the Prime Directive, Spock's usual accuracy, Merlin's relief that people will not have pointy ears in the future (hm, speaking of ears, I know they didn't have glass houses in the 6th century, however, they did have stones...), Arthur's reaction to McCoy's astonishment when it comes to Gwen's status and Merlin's age...

Only a few of the veritable pearls in this story!
5/15/2011 c1 Leonarema
Thank you, thank you, thank you from both a Trekkie and a Merlin fan! Actually, The first part of my nickname stems from Leonard 'Bones' McCoy. You just made my day (Actually, I am just having one of those days...).
4/28/2011 c3 Ringo'simaginarycat
I love star trek and Merlin! This was awesome and funny. I don't know anything about Bonanza, but I still promise to read it.
4/23/2011 c3 4almostwhimsical
This was hilarious. I laughed my way thru this entire chapter. Thanks for updating.
4/23/2011 c3 33fernazab

Who doesn't love that cliche line? Kirk getting beaten by Arthur. YES! The break out. The eyebrow challenge! Yay!

We're particularly partial to this line: "And, satisfied by the rather alarmed look on Kirk's face". hehe, you'll find out exactly why later.
4/23/2011 c3 11vikky-leigh
The eyebrow war...epic. just epic.
4/17/2011 c2 9IceCreamDoodle13
I've never seen a single episode of Star Trek but I still found this funny :) Looking forward to more. Maybe you could do a Doctor Who crossover. If you'd like to, of course :)
4/17/2011 c2 70Whirlwind421
Very funny! It's very interesting story! I like the shirt bit. And all the things they learned. I think you should do Doctor Who crossover. That should be easy to do.
4/5/2011 c2 13gaben
It was avery funny chapter...I forgot about the really fast talk and banter. And it definetly was "Who Mourns for Adonis." I remember it well. Loved the ripped shirt reference, so how many shirts did Kirk go through, what used to crack me up he'd still fight in them when there was hardly anything left of them. I'd be worried too if I was Merlin. I'd like to see them take the tour and Merlin get them back.

...trying to achieve the remarkable feat of looking unthreatening enough to be trusted and threatening enough not to be messed with. He had debatable success. Really liked this and much more.
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