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for In Plain Sight

9/18 c43 eskimosgg
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I am sad that it ended.
9/18 c42 eskimosgg
Thank you, it was beautiful, way better than the GG version.
9/18 c41 eskimosgg
I liked reading it and it is a way better version than the original GG.
9/17 c37 eskimosgg
It is so hard to read, but it is beautiful
9/17 c36 eskimosgg
Beautiful Valentine stories. Ruffy should have been together and they were the other endgame couple.
9/17 c35 eskimosgg
It is beautiful to see how much Dan has changed and matured because of his relationship with Blair. How much I wish this was truly Season 1.
9/16 c34 eskimosgg
It was hard to read, but well written
9/15 c33 eskimosgg
It was a beautiful and interesting article. Even though I cannot see Chuck more than a villain, I liked reading it.
9/13 c32 eskimosgg
It was beautiful to see these mature and caring Dan and Blair in comparison with the shallow, judgmental and close minded Dan or fake and scheming Blair, portrayed in the first season of GG. This is an amazing piece. Congratulations.
9/10 c29 eskimosgg
I truly liked it. It was better and deeper than the TV series, I liked the interaction between all the characters and how you showed that Chuck had also his good and caring side.
9/9 c27 eskimosgg
Loved reading it.
9/9 c26 eskimosgg
It is such a romantic and heartwarming story. I do not know for how long Dan and Blair will keep the secret. I love your version, it is way better than the TV series.
9/9 c25 eskimosgg
I loved it. I like your description of Blair. she might appear strong and independent in the surface, but deep she is still the young girl who needs her parents and a stable family, like everyone does, rich or poor. You show a true and full Blair, not the shallow and mean one that is portrayed in the GG series.
9/8 c23 eskimosgg
I enjoyed reading this chapter. I love the descriptions of the character inner world, their fear and hopes.
9/6 c19 eskimosgg
I loved reading it, it is way more entertaining and deeper than the actual show.
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