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for Peppermint Schnapps

3/19/2017 c9 Guest
Oh, that was sweet, and cute, thank you!
5/12/2016 c9 MargaritaS
9/21/2012 c9 48BlueDiamondStar
Oh my gosh! I so loved this story. It was entirely amazing and to no end lovely.
really good job here :)
2/26/2012 c9 27ferryboat George
Delightful story, I loved it.

His iPod was cranked up to deaf by thirty

I love this definition of loud

If we keep uncovering cover-ups, pretty soon there'll be no FBI left.

Poor Peter :)
12/3/2011 c9 eveljerome
a very well written, thought through story. i loved it. (:
6/10/2011 c9 hiroomi
Truly amazing.
4/12/2011 c9 16morgo7kc
Couldn't ask for a more perfect ending! Thank you for writing this awesome story! Now I want hot cocoa...
4/11/2011 c9 28The Red Fedora
great story - tense and well paced with nicely wrapped up and sweet ending:)
4/10/2011 c9 17JeanneZ84
This was a sensational syory all the way through.

I very much loved reading it.

4/10/2011 c8 JeanneZ84
I knew Peter Burke would take care of all of it.He never lets Neal down.

4/10/2011 c7 JeanneZ84
This chapter was very mysterious.I was sort of thinking of who was behind this,but I wasn't sure.

This chapter also had a bit of comotion and action.

Peter Burke is a great FBI Agent and I knew he would be there to figure it out.

I just hope all of it finally works out ok.

4/9/2011 c6 JeanneZ84
I can't what to read more.

4/9/2011 c9 same ol T'girl
..."good to the last drop!"
4/9/2011 c9 Simone Lyon
I really enjoyed this story! Great job with the characters (original and canon) and an awesome, original plot. I loved how you tied in the themes of the story with overall themes in the series. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

4/9/2011 c9 CrimsonRegret
*hugs* Thank you for writing such a well developed and well rounded story. I really loved it. Neal learning how to move on, slow and painful as it is, was great. Some things he just can't change.. But he can definitely leave his mark on. :D

P.s. Thanks for the cookies and schnapps! Delish! *bookmarks story*
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