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1/20/2017 c17 Elise Deschat
For a little while anyway...

Good story, characterizations spot on...character chemistry, Ohana, angst...what more do you need?
5/18/2015 c1 Skimball4
Favorite line so far-"sulky seal."
4/12/2015 c4 Long Live BRUCAS
I agree I think Danny would look cute. But he's also my favorite.
3/26/2015 c17 6jada951
I'm really enjoying these 5-O stories.

it seems like Danno gets as many owies as John Gage!
2/22/2015 c17 Guest
Hooray for another great, great story as I am making my way through all of your 5 0 stories. Looks like I am going back to school tomorrow after a week of being iced in so may not get to read any more for a few days. But, what joy, fun, and entertainment these tales have brought to me during the past few days. Just love the way you help the ohana interact. Chin throwing Steve out of bed was hilarious. Danny been spooked by Steve and Kono when he was cooking breakfast-oh my-I could just picture it!
2/20/2015 c17 Long Live BRUCAS
Another great hurt Danny story. But he had his family there for him.
4/11/2013 c16 trout1986
I love Steve being an anchor for Danny
1/9/2012 c2 Lidil
Gastric lavage is no fun.


You really like the Danny whumpage, don't you?
9/26/2011 c17 11Lynxgoddess
Wow. I love all your 5-0 stories. They are amazing. The ohana dynamic is awesome. I hope you continue to do more in this series. Do you plan on making this story slash between Hanny and Steve? They'd be cute together... all that bickering. Lol. Great work.
8/5/2011 c17 lilz54
Nicely done! Enjoyed the read!
8/4/2011 c17 36francis2
Great end to the story. Danny has good friends and shouldn't grumble, he could have been dead. Thank you for this!
8/3/2011 c17 20Kit Merlot
I love it when the team bands together and takes care of each other-lovely work on this fic :)
8/1/2011 c17 3crokettsgirl
Nice way to end the story. I like how you tied it all up nice and neat. Love Grace she is always a joy to have in a story and the way Danny is with her. I also love how the team is with their "Haole" lol...Great job can't wait for another story from Five=-O and more on Crosstrainers. Sue
8/1/2011 c17 LisaG16
Whew! Ok. Thank you for making Danny all better. :)
7/31/2011 c17 111Qweb
Healthy. Until you write your next story!

Good read. Thanks.
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