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9/26/2011 c1 Guest
damn it. the parenthesis didn't go around my screen name XD oh well.

9/26/2011 c1 brielyn XD beesftw
I'm too lazy to sign in. Lol anyway..I know this is late but...what are we, kindergarteners? Blaming people for copying? Seriously? XD by the way, this story is, like, AMAZING and I can't wait until you re-write it. :)
9/19/2011 c4 chaibrows
Yah we are! And it's gonna rock! Watch out FF, you got a brand new fic comin' out. XD
9/19/2011 c4 Abigail Corey


Sigh. Fine. But I think I liked this story. Oh well. I'll just deal, I guess.
8/28/2011 c3 Abigail Corey
Wow, I just deleted my entire review, I think. If not, then I'll PROBABLY be repeating myself.

Stupid control+a button.

So, pretty much, I see the simularities between yours and CrazyCatie's, but I loved that story so It's like reading the same thing but different. Plus,it's pretty different too.

Ok, I've been looking at your update-dates and seriously, DID YOU FALL OFF OF THE FACE OF THE EARTH? Lol, just saying.

I can honestly say you are one of the greatest authors on here. Grammar-wordiness-wise. Not that you suck in other areas...just...Wow, I'm worse at compliments than I thought...

Yeah, so update soon, because I am OFFICIALLY obsessed.
6/14/2011 c3 Guest
Great chapter update!
6/14/2011 c2 Guest
Great chapter!
6/14/2011 c1 Guest
4/27/2011 c3 sunshineharrison
Hehehehehe Paulie is adorable...even though he has queer eyebrows XD! Great job! I sent ya the docx for the next chappie on our story! yes i finally got it done! PROCRASTINATORS UNITE!
4/22/2011 c1 Pennylove
I love it I know how u feel about spring break.lol I kindof feel bad for John kind of lol

4/22/2011 c3 The Nowhere Girl
Oh goodness. Here we go with the drama again.

Chill people, chill. ThisBoy, I'm not tellin ya that you were wrong to defend Catie, (cause I'm probably much worse of a hothead that you are) but come on. Please don't be too mean to her, okay? Honestly, people are allowed to have stories that are similar. I mean, if you go in any popular anime fanfiction archive, it's pretty much the same thing over and over again. And even I had that little poem thing at the bottom in one of my stories in my notebook *cough cough WHICHINEVERPUTUPCAUSEITSUCKED cough cough* because, it's not an uncommon or bad idea. And I'm defending Mandy because she is one of my Beatle Buddies. But don't get me wrong, I LOVE Catie's work. It's amazing what she can write. Just chill, kay?

Now, to Mandy:

Don't listen to the flamers. I'm not a big fan of getting flamed myself. But life goes on, you know? Good chapter! I wonder what ffamily troubles could be...
4/21/2011 c3 quarrygirl
Yeah, Paul is adorable.

By "tough family crap" does he mean Julia?
4/8/2011 c2 3LyssaInTheSky
Love it Mandy! Update soon!
4/4/2011 c1 sunshineharrison
OH! Almost forgot! I love this story Mandy! It's awesome! :D especially the poems at the end!
4/4/2011 c2 sunshineharrison
This is to This Boy. Hey Bastard! How ya doing? I know BeatleLOVE and she would never knowingly rip someone off! She has talked to Catie about it and it's all good! You went way to far! You are the fucking idiot! IF YOU SUSPECT SOMEONE OF PLAGARISM PM THEM FIRST INSTEAD OF LEAVING A SHITTY REVIEW LIKE THIS ONE FOR ALL OF THE WORLD TO SEE! Comprendo? Oh that's right you are a fucking RETARD! IF YOU FLAME AGAIN I'M GONNA REPORT YOU BASTARD! Thank you and have a nice day! ^_^
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