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for Reconcilable Differences

12/9/2011 c1 22evila-elf
I just saw this play this last weekend on a visit to NY. Fell instantly in love with it. And this fic is a very nice accompaniment to it. I can hear Bernadette's voice inside my head telling this story. Very lovely. Wish I didn't live so far away (opposite coast) so that I could see the play again *cries*
11/12/2011 c1 1Cloister-Hearted
This is such a beautifully crafted analysis. Keep up the great work!
8/13/2011 c1 4Natalie Thropp
I knew I loved your Hair fics, but now I know your Priscilla writings are amazing too! I wish you'd write more for these guys...maybe even Priscilla/Hair! But definitely more Priscilla fic!

Can't wait

7/29/2011 c1 8DDAriSieg
This was really good, and really adds some perspective to the movie and the musical..^^

Now I feel like watching the movie again xD

Really great!
4/1/2011 c1 14Theilian
Okay, wow. Seriously! This is SOOOOO goooood! I just love the relationship between the three of them, as seen through the eyes of your Bernadette (she's so hard on herself!) - there are so many facets to their whole mess of love/hate/envy/friendship and you've caught them all beautifully, PLUS you've managed to spot some more that are so subtle they're hardly there, and yet you've managed to make them entirely believable.

Oh, and can I just add two things? "quicksilver bundle of energy" is possibly the best - and most beautiful - description of Adam I have ever come across ...

... and your disclaimer had me spraying coffee all over my keyboard. Nice. ^_^

Congratulations! It's fabulous.

3/30/2011 c1 Joke Queen
Well, you certainly made me think about their relationships in a way I hadn't considered before! I loved it, I could really see how each one could develop(despite the very obvious undertones in the movie + show). I'd never really thought about how being close to a 'woman', especially without close male friends, might affect the way other drag queens percieve you. I never saw Bernadette as the 'villain' of the piece, but I can certainly see how Adam would have thought so. And it was really sweet to see her trying to comfort Adam, all the while knowing that she wasn't the one who was needed.

That said, I do have one comment if you don't mind? Bernadette mentions 'I might have become a woman on the outside, but in my heart, I was still a drag queen, perhaps even still a homosexual. The men I was drawn to were those who would understand me, those of my kind... other homosexuals.' But, as I understand them, transsexuals feel (internally) as the other sex, even before their operation. So she would feel as a woman inside before she ever became woman physically. She could still be attracted to drag queens because god knows a lot of women are attracted to gay men, and naturally they would be more likely to understand her than a straight man, but I don't think she would associate herself as a drag queen or as a homosexual anymore? She would be more likely to think of herself as a straight woman who dresses up and performs...

That said, I loved it anyway! Especially the way you created your own universe, so to speak, but managed to work it into canon anyway!

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