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for Changing Seasons Changes All

7/14/2011 c3 6charmed-darkangel
hmmm, confusing but intriguing.

So Carlee is the ultimate power's daughter, meaning Billie or Christy, but since she's "good", I am guessing Billie.

Good job so far, looking forward to seeing more!
7/14/2011 c1 charmed-darkangel
Good start, interesting.
5/10/2011 c3 squirtlee16
I hope he isnt telling the truth about Chris !
4/24/2011 c3 27Meyli Vaisyl
Oh no ! Please, tell me that Chris was not really dead ?

Nice beginning. But I can't wait to see my Chris ^^

4/22/2011 c1 manufan2312
great first chapter
4/17/2011 c2 CharmedLuver
This is a good story. I like it, please update soon!

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