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5/6/2011 c11 Difdif
luv it :D
5/5/2011 c11 5Undone Misdeeds
I actually adored this chapter!

And bloody hell, Roxie needs to sort out her temper. I would like to see her and Kelly in a cat fight though. That would be funny.

This chapter was really sweet, i loved the ending.

I can't even pick out the best bits, its was all good.

I hope you keep writing for St T's, even if you don't continue this story (but i really hope you do)

All three stories you have written so far have been brilliant, and i hope to read more of your stories in the future.

Thank you for the wonderful reads.

Undone Misdeeds.
5/5/2011 c11 1jaltax
Awesome love it! and in hope of influencing your position of writing. (keep in mind its in a sort of tune in my head:P) MoreMoreMore MoreMoreMoreMore More :DIn other words please write more! :D
5/4/2011 c11 intriguedbamboo
Another story! Please :)
5/4/2011 c11 P
Although I'd love to read an epilogue for this story, I would love it even more if you wrote a 4th story instead! That way there'll be more of Kellabelle for us readers! You're an amazing writer, so very creative and true to the story and its characters 3
5/4/2011 c11 8Rachy Babes
Oh please please plesase please pleeeeaassseee carry on :D I love all these stories so much its unbelievable, i think you write brilliantly and I'm not usually a fan of Kel/Belle but the way you write it is amazing :D Love Love Love :D
5/4/2011 c11 TeganDR

Awesome chapter! Really like to read more about our favorite St Trinian's! Hell yeah, i want a sequel!
5/4/2011 c11 Guest
epilogue please!

Great end for an amazing story!
5/4/2011 c11 20Darkwolf109
sequel! please! pretty please! i so want to see what happens next between the girls! i would love to see how terri finds out about them and what happens when belle graduates (preferably she replaces terri as kellys partner). and how the relationship changes now they have confessed and basically your take on everything. your so good at writing these two, i really hope this isn't it for this series cos its the best i've ever read and there is so much i would like to see happen and know. please do a sequel. please! brilliant chapter by the way and another absolutely awesome story! :)
5/4/2011 c11 kaz
finally! damn what a rollercoaster and Roxie needs to learn about anger management. Wicked story
5/4/2011 c11 15Valvox
I love a happy ending. Thanks for an awesome read. (: xxxx
5/4/2011 c11 evfan12
awsu, finish hope theres more luv this pairin
5/4/2011 c11 2Sailor Sayuri
Yay! Update! *happy dance**squeals*

Awwww! That declaration was SO Kelly and Belle! It was SO cute, romantic and funny! Loved it! *grins*

And Trinski Champagne? Great idea! Don't know why they didn't have that idea in the movie! lol

And as for an epilogue? I don't know... I REALLY want a 4th story for the Kelly/Annabelle pairing we love SO much! *squirms*

Plus, it would be great if we knew what happens when Belle finally leaves St. Trinian! Will she travel the world like she said she wanted to in the 2nd story? Will she do something else to stay close to Kelly? Will Kelly quit MI7 to stay with Belle and travel with her arround the world? Not travel arround the world but she still quits MI7 to stay close to Belle so she doesn't worry anymore? Argh! SO many possibilities! *wails*

I REALLY want to know what could happen! *wails*

Please, PLEASE make another story! *BIG puppy eyes*

Good luck for your future stories (especially Kelly/Belle's! lol) and a great job done on this one! ^_~ *winks*

5/4/2011 c11 TweetleT
OMG i love this story and want more please update asap!
5/3/2011 c10 15Valvox
:D love it.

Update soon. Please? Hehe.
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